The NBA Season Is Now In Its Second Half: Why It's Time To Finally Make A Line-Up & Win

The NBA Season Is Now In Its Second Half: Why It's Time To Finally Make A Line-Up & Win

The basketball season is now past the All-Star break and it's shaping up to be another great season! The Suns and Devin Booker continue to lead the West and have shown they're not backing down as they extend their lead over Steph's Warriors. Klay Thompson hasn't made the splash with his return, as most thought he would, and the Warriors continue to lose games as the favorites. LeBron, who many were saying was due for a down year now that he's 37, has barely missed a step and recently scored 56-points in a win over the Warriors! In the East, the Heat lead the way, with Giannis' Bucks down in the 3rd spot for now. There's sure to be drama every night from here on out, as these teams fight for playoff position.

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