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Why Natural Cycles Sounds Too Good To Be True

We almost didn't believe it. We've been told there's only one way for sooo long! But hormone-free birth control does exist. And it works.

Condoms, the pill, the shot, IUDs… they're all options. But Natural Cycles is making a strong case for the birth control of choice. With daily status readings, you can monitor your fertility and track the days when you can and cannot get pregnant. Natural Cycles tracks and analyses basal temperature, which in itself is nothing new, but Natural Cycles' algorithm doesn't relay on a standard 28-day cycle, takes into account lifestyle data and sperm survival, and is the first of its kind to be cleared by the FDA.

It also doesn't come with any side effects. It sounds too good to be true, so we decided to see what actual users had to say.

Here's the scoop:

"Let me tell you: my head fog is GONE, my mood is overall better (besides that pesky PMS 🤪), way less headaches (it was almost a daily occurrence on the pill). More energy, more muscular development, hello I have a personality!! My periods are now REGULAR... and (mom, close your eyes lol) my libido is way better...!! ⁣⁣I feel like myself for the first time in years!" - Loren M.

"I've been using it for 3+ years as a contraceptive and it's very reliable! Love the information it provides about your own unique cycle, as well as general knowledge about the female reproductive system. Great tool to monitor your fertility & empower women!!" - Christy S.

"I went through every contraceptive in the book, hormonal and non hormonal...I was really skeptical about this app at first but now I love it!...Cannot fault the app in any way. So worth the yearly payment 😁" - Jorjie L.

"Really thankful for this app and the algorithm they've created...after 20 years on hormonal birth control, my body needed a change. This app has been wonderful and so informative. Switching to Natural Cycles was one of the best decisions I could have made for my health." - E. B.

"When I was using [hormonal birth control], I didn't feel right...Natural Cycles helped me get to know my cycle and I love knowing that I can use it in the future, if I'm trying to plan for a baby - although that won't be any time soon for me!" - Bailey G.

We searched high and low for negative reviews to show you both sides, but people really love Natural Cycles!

The app tracks your cycle at a 93% accuracy rate with typical use and a 98% rate with perfect use. It also has a user-friendly interface that gives you the green light to have sex without back-up on your non-fertile days. And there's a red light during your ovulating window to let you know to use protection, or abstain from sex if you want to avoid pregnancy. They'll also remind you to do breast exams and make appointments, and you'll be able to track your mood swings, acne, bloating, and other symptoms of your unique natural cycle.

Natural Cycles is simple to use and has zero side effects. There's no need to worry about mood swings or increased chances of blood clots since you're back in control of your natural cycle.

It's beloved by women everywhere and it's easy to see why; Natural Cycles is our new favorite form of birth control.

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