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The Best Natural Birth Control - Which Came Out On Top?

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With the pill, sponges, condoms, and IUDs, it can be hard to determine the right contraceptive for your body.

Finding a non-hormonal birth control limits your options even further. With more women everywhere looking for birth control alternatives there's a clear need for contraceptives that work with our bodies' naturally unique hormonal cycles.

If hormonal birth control isn't for you, we've got you covered. Our editors took to the internet to find all they could about Natural Cycles and Phexxi, two popular alternatives to hormonal birth control.

Here's everything you need to know about Natural Cycles and Phexxi:

Key Similarities:

  • No hormones
  • Regulated Medical Devices
  • Neither requires invasive procedures
  • No toxic ingredients

Key Differences:

  • Phexxi is a prescription-only vaginal gel
  • Natural Cycles is an over-the-counter app tailored to your fertility cycle
  • Phexxi still comes with side effects, including: vaginal burning, vaginal yeast infection, UTIs, and vaginal discharge.
  • Phexxi is used immediately before sex
  • Natural Cycles goes beyond control with health insights
  • With the Phexxi Savings Program, eligible women receive Phexxi for free

Natural Cycles Overview:

The first FDA-cleared birth control app, Natural Cycles is the hormone-free contraceptive that puts you in charge of your fertility. Each day you take your temperature with their provided basal thermometer and Natural Cycles charts that data with an algorithm that learns the pattern of your unique cycle to predict your fertile window.

Taking your temperature is critical since your body temp rises after ovulation and is key in determining your fertility. This tracking method is 93% effective with typical use, and 98% effective with perfect use.

Natural Cycles makes every insight based on your unique data. With extra info like cycle symptoms, changes to your mood, and PMS alerts, this app helps you learn more about your body without any negative side effects or expensive prescriptions.

Phexxi Overview:

Phexxi is a hormone-free birth control prescription gel created for the moment. With Phexxi, there's no daily commitment like other contraceptives. Instead, Phexxi is used up to an hour or immediately before sex.

Phexxi comes with a 4-inch applicator that is used similarly to a tampon. To use, insert the applicator to apply the gel. The gel then works by maintaining a Ph-level that prohibits the mobility of sperm.

With an effective rate of 86% with typical use, similar to the rate of typical use of condoms(87%), and 93% with perfect use, Phexxi is a safe method for those looking to avoid depending on condoms and other ineffective contraceptives.

Final Thoughts

Both Phexxi and Natural Cycles are great alternatives to hormonal methods. Even better, both companies are backed by scientists on a mission to put women in control of their fertility.

For women looking for a complete overview of their fertility health, Natural Cycles is the clear choice between the two. Our editors love that Natural Cycles doesn't require a prescription, since it works with your natural body and its current fertility rhythms, no additives required. Natural Cycles is the birth control that gets you back in tune with your body and helps you learn about your unique fertility cycle.

We can't overlook the numbers: Natural Cycles has a higher effective rate than Phexxi when it comes to both typical and perfect use, which is one of the most important factors to consider when it comes to choosing a birth control method.

Get the birth control you need, hormone-free, with Natural Cycles.