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We Love To Learn About Our Family History Through MyHeritage

Learning about your family history can be both educational and emotional. There are so many different family stories you may never have heard before, and new family members to be found. After all, they do say everyone is connected with six degrees of separation.

Our editors looked up some of the best ways we could learn more about where we come from. Apart from the traditional pen, paper and huge binders solution, genealogy websites are the popular way to go.

Our favourite has to be MyHeritage- a platform where you can not just create your family tree but find old historical records, photographs and even understand your DNA. Three different users gave it a try and they all loved it for different reasons.

The Family Man

Favourite Feature: Creating an online family tree

Experience: Family is really important to me. I have a very small family but I would love to know about my extended family. I am interested to see where they are living and what they do. MyHeritage helped me build my own family tree with their online family tree platform. Before I knew it, MyHeritage was also connecting me with other MyHeritage family trees through their Smart Matches technology. I found family in different parts of the world and now I want to know so much more.

"My whole MyHeritage experience has been excellent. Since Christmas, I have managed to trace my mother's line back to her ancestors born in the 1860s, and my father's line back to a couple born in 1801 and 1802." - John Williams

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The History Buff

Favourite Feature: Records, photographs and testimonials.

Experience: MyHeritage's powerful Family Tree Builder software helped me quickly build my family tree. I knew a lot of my family but we were missing photographs and other records that I would love to see and collect. They have birth, death and marriage certificates, biographies, and different records like military and voter lists. It wasn't just about building a family tree but I could see my family's political history or if I had family in the military.

"MyHeritage makes researching my family history really easy and fun. The massive collections of international historical records are really interesting and have helped me make a lot of progress." - Wolfgang Melsheimer.

The Tech Savvy

Favourite Feature: Can update and view family tree anywhere

Experience: My family always had a family tree but it was outdated, tattered and locked in some room. It was time for an upgrade, one where you didn't need to carry a physical copy around. MyHeritage is all online and I can view my data anywhere from mobile, desktop, or even a tablet. It's also home to the world's most advanced AI technologies for improving historical photos.

"I have been researching my family history on MyHeritage for years. It's a great platform with so many useful resources. I especially enjoy the mobile app which gives me access to all of my research wherever I am. It's really intuitive to use, but if I ever do have a question, their FAQs are helpful and easy to get to. Their support team also knows their stuff and is available even on weekends. " - Gunther Trostorff

Final Thoughts:

MyHeritage is a great site for you to learn all about your family history. Their 14-day free trial helps you get started right before you are addicted to the world of knowledge and history. You learn things about your family you never have known before and even find some distant relatives in different parts of the world.

It's such an easy-to-use site and you can share your family tree with other members or create your own micro-website. The pictures and historical data make it all the more authentic. You can even add colour to old pictures with AI. There is just so much you can do with MyHeritage and once you go down the family tree knowledge hole, the discoveries are endless.

"I have been using MyHeritage to preserve my family history for future generations. This is really important to me, especially in this day and age and MyHeritage offers great tools for doing this well" - Paul Haas

Learn more about your family history and get addicted as we did with MyHeritage.

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