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5 Things We Love About MyGreenFills

Sustainability is on everyone's mind right now. Everyone is trying to do their part, however big or small. But it's the big companies that really need to take responsibility in order to make the change that's needed.

The cleaning industry is a major culprit, due to a lot of their products being toxic and full of chemicals, not to mention their packaging being plastic, which ends up in the ocean. But where the big companies don't want to change, newer better companies come along to solve the problem - which is exactly how MyGreenFills was born.

MyGreenFills are the world's first 100% non-toxic, refillable laundry system. They are the original refillable laundry detergent (they even rank highest on Google).

They started a revolution within the cleaning industry to make it more eco-friendly and sustainable. Here are just 5 things we love about MyGreenFills:

1. Completely non-toxic products

Unlike food or medication, cleaning products are not regulated by the FDA or any regulatory body, so manufacturers aren't required to list any products that aren't deemed potentially harmful. However, most chemicals have not been properly tested for safety.

MyGreenFills products contain no harsh chemicals - no artificial fragrances, chemical surfactants, petroleum-based carriers, optical brighteners, dyes, carcinogens, hormone or endocrine disruptors. And they list every ingredient used on their formulas on the products - which are scented with only natural essential oils.

All their products are safe for children and people with sensitive skin, as all their ingredients are thoroughly tested - but not on animals. MyGreenFills are completely cruelty-free. They offer 100% hypoallergenic unscented options, too. And of course, their formulas are all eco-friendly. Since toxic cleaning products are washed down the drain and eventually reach rivers and lakes, they can build up and have a negative effect on wildlife.

2.They actually work

I know what you're thinking – will it work on stains without any strong chemicals? Well, the consensus is, yes! Most conventional laundry detergents are 84% water and have synthetic thickeners to make it look super concentrated. MyGreenFills actually have more active ingredients than most in their laundry wash.

They have a product for even the toughest stains – their Stain Stick can even get out grease marks! And their Enzyme Stain Remover can tackle stubborn grass stains. Plus, their scented products have such a refreshing smell, even without any added chemicals.

3. Eco-friendly packaging

With the first order of laundry wash, you get a packet and a refillable jug. 40% of the plastic produced in the world is made for packaging, that's 2 out of 5 pieces that are made! So refillable jugs make a huge difference to the environment by helping cut down on unnecessary plastic waste. Plus, the packet is made out of recyclable plastic or rice paper, and there are up to 50 loads of laundry in one packet.

MyGreenFills members have saved over 2,000,000 plastic jugs and over 5,000,000 gallons of toxic chemicals from entering the environment so far.

4. Affordable

MyGreenFills detergent costs 18c per load compared to around $0.30c for store-bought detergent. That's over 30% more affordable. These guys want their brand to be accessible to anyone. They are the most affordable laundry and cleaning products out there - cheaper than most mainstream brands and other eco brands. Plus, you can sign up for a membership, and get huge savings on all their products.

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5. MyGreenFills saves women from human trafficking

Each of their Dryer Angels (the sustainable and non-toxic alternative to incredibly toxic dryer sheets) is handmade by women around the world - creating sustainable jobs through manufacturing their product, empowering deaf women in Jamaica and helping women in Southeast Asia get out of sex trafficking. They are giving women jobs to support themselves and their communities and lift themselves out of slavery and poverty.

MyGreenFillsvalue transparency, sustainability, and accessibility - they truly are an ethical brand through and through. Plus, they have many great reviews on the website, showing how great their products really are. We'd recommend MyGreenFills to anyone who wants to join the cleaning industry revolution!

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