Get Yourself A Glass Of Wine And Read This.

Get Yourself A Glass Of Wine And Read This.

We were sick to death of those seen-one-you-seen-em-all wine clubs, so your editors weeded through the morass of the mediocre and discovered a truly sensational wine club that just launched - MyWineAunt.

It's original, it's cheeky, it's fun. So, say au revoir to algorithms and bonjour to the best-damned wine you've ever tasted, at a price that will make you super happy.

Most wine clubs treat gorgeous individuals as nothing more than a collection of dull data. Algorithms be damned! They never take personal tastes into account and offer bland varieties that will bore you to tears.

But great news! With MyWineAunt's exceptional promotional offer, you get 50% off your first month. The first shipment of a 6-bottle case will be delivered right to your door for only $39.99. What an amazing deal!

After that, MyWineAunt automatically ships you a 6-bottle case for $79.99 each month. That's just over $13.00 a bottle! And as for quality? Only the best.

They source the most exquisite wines from vineyards around the world. Their grapes are so top-notch only 1 in 12 wines their sommeliers taste make it into their collections.

MyWineAunt has the best prices for the most sublime wines without the snooty jargon. They aren't here to judge. They let you be your own very fabulous self. This is a wine club that will take you on adventures, furnish you with wines you'll love, and make you laugh.

If there's one thing we all love it's being treated as an extraordinary individual. MyWineAunt is intent on sharing their wine expertise, imparting knowledge in a gentle way that builds over time. They provide the tools, the wine, and the expert guidance.

That's why MyWineAunt provides you with a dedicated concierge who is ready to answer your questions and offer wine-pairing suggestions. Over time, your very own concierge will help you understand and enhance your wine preferences and palate.

Simply e-mail them any weekday from 10am to 6pm EST and they'll respond faster than you can learn to say Gewürztraminer.

Want all whites? All reds? A mix? MyWineAunt's experts will curate each shipment according to your wishes. Life should be a joy. And so should wine. So, when a box arrives from MyWineAunt, you can be sure it will always delight.

So, get out that corkscrew! Kick up your heels! Toast this wide wonderful world! MyWineAunt is coming to town.

Exclusive Launch Offer: 50% off your first wine order (automatically applied at checkout)!

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