My Expert Review On Thistle

My Expert Review On Thistle

Some may be surprised, but despite being a certified nutritionist, I have tried out a few meal kits. At this point they’re everywhere - and most accomodate any diet - so who hasn’t?

However, I haven't found one that checks everything off my healthy meal plan list – I have pretty high expectations and healthy standards. The meal kit services I've tried out in the past either made you sacrifice flavor for nutrition and health benefits or vice versa.

Recently, one of my partner's friends asked for my professional opinion on Thistle and if I'd recommend he sign up for it. The plant-based meal kit service was intriguing, but my expectations were low.

Nonetheless, I decided to look into Thistle before giving my stamp of approval (or rather disapproval).

Here are my thoughts after trying out Thistle:

Simple Sign-up

Thistle’s simple sign-up process was very intuitive. All I had to do was choose my menu and how many meals I wanted per week.

Although Thistle is plant-focused, I still had the option to add lean meat or seafood. I always tell people this is a great way to introduce meat-free days into their diet, so I was impressed to see that Thistle allows everyone to make the switch at their own pace.

About a week later, my first Thistle delivery arrived on my doorstep. All I had to do was open and enjoy!

Health Benefits

Thanks to the nutrient breakdown of their food (high fiber, high protein, moderate fat), Thistle is providing something I don’t typically see with meal kits: feeling full for much longer, even with their low-calorie options.

In fact, after around two weeks or so I noticed quite a few changes:

  • I had more energy, since Thistle’s meals contain low-glycemic carbs and protein-rich ingredients to promote even energy-burn. No spikes!
  • My skin cleared thanks to fresh ingredients rich in antioxidants, biotin + beta-carotenes used in each meal to hydrate skin and slow aging.
  • There was less bloating due to their high fiber, low sodium foods which help reduce inflammation and promote blood flow to your digestive system.

I hate to admit it, but a lot of their meals were both tastier and healthier than a few of my go-to recipes. My two favorites turned out to be their Southwest Sweet Potato Taco Salad and the mouth-watering Vadouvan Scramble With Green Pea Chutney.

How Thistle Differs From Other Meal Kits

Their amazing team is also why their service is the most convenient. Each Thistle box arrives with perfectly portioned, fresh, plant-based meals that are ready to heat and eat, making it easy to maintain a healthy eating meal plan. There's virtually zero prep, no time wasted researching restrictions, finding recipes, or overbuying ingredients.

“Thistle draws meal inspiration from across the globe, and provides a diverse and eclectic menu.”

Bonus: Aside from no prepping and cooking, you'll make fewer trips to the grocery store, which will lead to less food waste for you and your family.

Thistle + Nutritionists

After learning that Thistle has built their culinary team with experienced nutritionists and registered dietitians, I can see how each of their meals meet my sky-high nutritional goals.

Their team crafts each meal just to ensure your body gets the necessary vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients. Thistle uses over 40 superfoods - hello turmeric and matcha - and their meals contain zero refined white sugars, artificial preservatives, artificial additives, or dyes.

Expert Verdict

With meals starting at $11.50, it’s clear that Thistle's mission is to make plant-based meals convenient and accessible.

Thistle truly takes plant-based to a whole new level, making them the best-prepared meal delivery service I’ve seen yet. And no, there’s no need to sacrifice the delicious and exciting flavors you love!

So now anytime I’m asked for a meal kit recommendation, I‘ll be going with Thistle.

Try Thistle today, you won’t be disappointed or hungry!

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