My cat is obsessed with Fancy Feast Broths

My cat is obsessed with Fancy Feast Broths

Who could pass up a "decadent silky" broth?

Cats love to eat and sleep, and sometimes play. Probably in that order. While nap time may take up far more hours that eating does, the eagerness to chow down is evident in any cat as you watch him run like a wild cheetah towards the kitchen when he hears that familiar sound of his dinner being prepared by his servant (AKA you).

Some people opt for dry food only, some feed a mix of wet and dry, and others forgo the dry altogether and their cats subsist on wet food alone. The last of the groups are those cats who likely consider themselves royalty. Our cat, Louis, gets a helping of dry kibbles in the morning and wet food at night. He seems pleased with this menu arrangement, and we've kept it up ever since he adopted us.

That's Louis enjoying his dinner

We started with canned wet food for his supper, and that was pleasing enough to his particular palate. Unlike dogs, most cats won't eat just anything. Some are quite picky and turn up their itty bitty noses to any foods that don't meet their strict requirements.

One afternoon during a trip to the local pet shop, my husband and I saw a shelf stocked with small pouches of food by Fancy Feast called Broths. We try to feed our cat healthfully, so we read the label which promised real seafood or poultry and no fillers or by-products. Prepared with seasonings, some veggies, and a rich "decadent silky" broth, the meal sounded better than some things you'll see in a fine restaurant. We were willing to give this new food a go and see if Louis would find it to his liking.

As we had expected, this was probably the best cat food that ever passed through Louis' hungry little lips. He enthusiastically lapped up the broth first, then gobbled down the tender morsels of fresh fish and other ingredients. With usual canned wet food, he'd have a few bites, walk away to do other cat-related activities, then come back when his appetite returned. Not with Fancy Feast Broths. One and done. The packages are on the small side (think a Cup-a-Soup packet), but the perfect portion for a meal at 1.4oz per pouch.

Looks like a gourmet dinner

We've been serving Louis Fancy Feast Broths for well over a year, if not two. He's sampled every flavor and both the regular and creamy varieties. We now purchase a full box in bulk rather than individual packets because we know he'll go right though them, and we save a little money that way.

On Amazon, 32 packs cost under $50, so they are really a reasonably priced cat food for the quality. Then again, nothing's too good for our Louis.

Your cat is sure to love Broths too, and with the first ingredients in an average pack consisting of fish broth, fish, tomatoes, and carrots, you'll feel good about feeding Broths to your favorite feline too.

Can I get a "purr" from all you cat lovers out there? Fancy Feast Broths are what's for dinner, and our cat gives them two paws up!

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