An Ekster Parliament Wallet, sunglasses, and a watch

The Biggest Trends In Men's Style For 2021

Wallets, Shades, & Watches

If you like to be the first to new trends, then listen up.

Our editors have been searching for the next up-and-coming trends of 2021 and have some recommendations. Here's what to look out for in order to look your best.

Styling is equally as important as the clothes you wear. It's all about the subtle details if you really want to take your look to the next level and rise above the rest. (Yes, men can accessorize too).

We've narrowed our list down to the top 3 most important accessories for men to own in 2021 if they want to stand out from the crowd and really impress people.

Here's our breakdown:

1. A Smart Wallet

Why have a basic wallet when you can have a smart wallet? For this, we're recommending Ekster.

Their wallets are super stylish but have some impressive features that make them lead the pack when it comes to wallets. For example, all of their wallets have RFID blocking technology to stop your details from being stolen and the ability to be tracked with the addition of their Tracker Card making your wallet virtually unlosable. The Tracker Card only needs 3 hours of sunlight to last for 2 months, and allows you to ring your phone or wallet; you can even track it on a map! What if your wallet isn't in range of your phone? Don't stress. Their worldwide crowd GPS network spans across the globe to help you find your wallet.

But you don't have to sacrifice style for these tech features. Their wallets have a classic leather look or a sleek aluminum aesthetic, and they're always super slim. They have tons of options, it's hard to choose our favorites but we're really impressed with The Parliament Wallet. It's made from premium leather and has a card pop-up feature, with the click of a button you gain easy access to your cards - flashy and functional.

Ekster's Modular Bifold Wallet has a classic design along with a removable cardholder that is held in place with strong magnets allowing for extra optional space. The Ekster Aluminum Cardholder is made from space-grade aluminum and holds up to 15 cards, and includes an expandable backplate that provides extra storage while maintaining a slim design.

No matter what Eksterwallet you go for, you'll definitely impress with their sleek aesthetic and innovative tech.

2. Slick Sunglasses

Let's be honest, we all feel like a boss when we have a cool pair of sunglasses on. Sunglasses used to be considered a summertime accessory, but they've gone far beyond that. Now they're considered a year-round necessity. Keep 'em in your car, or in your pocket - sunglasses are a must-have.

There are so many brands and styles of sunglasses out there: Visor, Aviator, Square-frame, Round, Rimless, Tortoiseshell. A huge trend when it comes to sunglasses in 2021 is the Pilot style sunglasses, particularly with a metal frame.

Whether you want to go designer with a big price tag or not, a new trendy pair of sunglasses will have you exuding confidence.

3. A Slim Watch

The sheer volume of watch brands out there is pretty overwhelming. Not to mention all the different types: dive watches, dress watches, field watches, chronographs, GMTs.

Again, we're not saying you have to own a Rolex to impress in this category. A watch doesn't have to be flashy to look attractive. In fact, watches with a more minimalist look seem to be the trend in 2021. Our tip here is to keep it slim like Ekster.

Clashing accessories can be an eye-sore, so go a step further and coordinate your watch to your Eksterwallet. Ekster offers many wallets, so whether you go for the aluminum style or classic leather, matching it to your watch strap will streamline your look, and be super eye-catching whenever you take out your wallet.

As we said, men can accessorize too, and these are just a few tips on how to look your best and feel confident in 2021. Our favorite on the list has to be Ekster because of its amazing features and sophisticated aesthetic. Check them out, you'll be impressed.

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