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Meet The New And Improved Frey!

Laundry is such a chore for a lot of us, we never think too much about what detergents we are using. The majority of us just grab the cheapest option at the store and never really give it much thought.

Having a good laundry detergent will do wonders for you and your clothes. However, many store-bought brands are packed full of harsh chemicals that are not only bad for the fibers in your clothes, but for your skin, too.

For years, generic detergents were the only option, but no more! We've fallen in love with Frey; a line of products that takes a different approach to laundry. They have scents that smell like expensive designer colognes, and their formula really keeps your clothes looking crisp and new for longer. Did we mention all of their products are completely eco-friendly, too?

We've been big fans of Frey for a while now, but recently these guys have upped their game with new packaging, more scents and a ton of service upgrades!

Before we get to the new and exciting offerings, let us fill you in on some basics. Their line of laundry essentials consists of dryer sheets, fabric softener, detergents(of course!) and more.

Frey is known for the scents, and they cater to everyone's tastes with their wide range of intoxicating fragrances. They have both male and female-friendly options, such as sandalwood/bergamot/clove, cedarwood/oakmoss/amber, and jasmine/rose/white cedar. Smells can elicit such nostalgic and warming memories and with such a wide variety of scents, you can change your mood with the click of a button.

Frey knows you'll love their products so much, they offer a FREE sample with all 3 scents. You just need to pay $1 for shipping and you can test the different scents and see which one you fall in love with.

Once you try the scents, there's no going back. And luckily, all of Frey's full-sized laundry detergents last 50 loads! Their super-concentrated formula means a little goes a long way. Freys bottles are only 16 FL OZ, compared to other brands' 60 FL OZ bottles. That means less plastic and more efficient loads!

On top of helping you up your laundry game, Frey also now carries a wide range of personal care products, like hand cream, shampoo, conditioner, to name a few. The hand soaps come in the same scents as the laundry products making them the perfect addition to your home. Like their laundry line, all their products are made from natural ingredients that are not harmful to you or the earth.

Not only have their scents expanded and their line has grown but their packaging has changed as well. Their colors are simple and striking and you won't mind keeping it on show.

On top of all of the exciting new products and delectable scents, the thing that makes Frey stand out is its text concierge service. You don't need to go through the whole process of ordering online, you can just text the number with what you would like, and then it'll be delivered right to your door.

Our editors have tried most of their products and the eco-friendly nature, natural ingredients and amazing scents have made it a household staple. If we thought we loved Frey before, we really love it now.

Stop making laundry feel like a chore and give your clothes the care it deserves with Frey!

Update: The folks at Frey are extending a special offer to our readers! Try Frey for free - just pay $1 shipping!

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