Meet The Designers Who Are Changing Home Renovation

Whether it's your first home that requires a little tweaking to make perfect or certain aspects of your much-loved home that no longer meets your needs, everyone dreads the thought of a home renovation. No one's saying it's as easy as snapping your fingers, but there is something out there that can make the whole process much more efficient and a lot less stressful. What is that something?. . It's Block Renovation.

Block has partnered with the industry's top architects and local contractors to unify all aspects of a kitchen or bathroom renovation into one simple process that is fairly priced. Their network of contractors are fully licensed and vetted and only use the highest quality material that's delivered to your home before the building starts.

We could sit here and tell you everything we know about Block. But we had a better idea, let's hear it from one of their experts. Our editor, Brent, sat down with one of Block's award-winning designers who shared how Block's approach is revolutionizing the home renovation industry.

Thanks for speaking to us today, why don't you start by telling us about Block and what your team does?

Our goal at Block is to remove the headaches and pitfalls that make renovation daunting. We achieve this by tightly streamlining the design, planning, and construction stages into one seamless relay. Because of the pre-planning and reduced error, our process takes a fraction of the time that a typical renovation would take, especially if you were to manage all the components yourself. And the best part is, our system gives transparency to costs that might cause unwelcome "surprises" during a traditional renovation experience.

Once a client starts working with Block, what are the steps?

First, a project planner works with you to create an estimate specific to you - They take into consideration everything from the age of your home, to what materials you're drawn to, to how much work you are ultimately looking to do. Next you work with a designer like me to develop your design direction and priorities, presented with 3-D renders

Simultaneously, Block assembles all needed building approvals, documents, and permits so there is no downtime in the project progress. All of this takes about one month for a bathroom and 2 months for a kitchen.

Would you describe working with a client as a collaborative process?

Absolutely. The designer's main job at Block is to guide the client in making their own informed decisions. Context is very important - along with understanding how you'll use your home along with its functional means. For that reason, we've created a catalog of materials that no matter what item you choose there's no wrong decision. Our offerings are very versatile. But we do love working with clients who have inspiration because we can help shape the vision so it works in their home.

Speaking of inspiration, where do you find yours?

I like keeping up with the latest trends. But hearing and sharing user experiences also shape how I think about design. The whole point of a renovation is to make your experience at home all the better. You know what you like and we're here to pull it together and make that happen for you.

Is there a big reveal at the end, like they have on reality shows (Move That Bus comes to mind!)?

Not as dramatic. Clear communication is critical to us—photos are shared throughout the construction to show that the Block construction and design standards are in check and surprises should be avoided...

We're speaking remotely right now, as many businesses have shifted to Zoom meetings. How has Block adapted to this new normal?

We're very fortunate that our jobs can be done remotely. Actually, we've discovered that digital site surveys and client meetings are very efficient! So far, we've run into no problems. Really, it just proves how flexible and versatile our process can be.

How does Block differ in terms of process, approach, and pricing from traditional home renovation options?

What Block does well is we take into consideration different scenarios. We have experience and can find the most reasonable pricing for your range and scope. We take out the hassle of having to look for independent contractors that most homeowners don't have a lot of experience in.

We're always looking to be more efficient in every aspect of design and construction. The on-boarding phase in renovations has the potential to utilize so much tech. There are many areas for us to explore. Our goal is to continually make the process even easier for our clients.

It's plain to see that Block has the passion, knowledge, and the experience to help people achieve the exact renovations they desire. If you've been putting off that bathroom or kitchen makeover because you didn't know where to start, well then, get in contact with Block. They certainly know where to start and how to finish.

Update: Discover your savings when you book your renovation.

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