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Medterra vs. Charlotte's Web: Which Is Better?

CBD is everywhere; maybe you've tried it and maybe you haven't, but we've all heard about the amazing effects it may have on our bodies. But there are also a lot of " that did nothing for me" stories too. So it's understandable that many people are confused.

After a lot of research, and trying a lot of different CBD products, we got to the root of this problem. It's all about weeding out all the low-grade CBD products and finding the highest quality CBD from transparent, genuine companies.

Two companies that are hailed for this are Medterraand Charlotte's Web. We tested both of their tincture oils and gummies and here is what we found;

Key Similarities

  • Both use hemp that's grown in the United States
  • Both use a third party accredited lab to test the purity and safety of all their products
  • Both use the supercritical CO2 extraction process
  • Both have a money-back guarantee with all their products
  • Both offer their oils in different flavors
  • Both have CBD products for pets
  • Both brands believe in creating products with more than CBD

Key Differences

  • All Medterra's products are THC-free
  • Nearly all of Charlotte's Web's products use Full Spectrum extract, which contains detectable amounts of THC
  • Medterra's Ultra Broad Spectrum line is a first of its kind. Despite being packed with minor cannabinoids, these products are still THC-free.
  • Medterra offers CBG, a newer cannabinoid which can alleviate feelings of discomfort and they have a new liposomal capsule that is 18x more effective
  • Medterra offers the highest strength with 3000mg being their strongest (100mg per 1ml serving)
  • Charlotte's Web's isolate offers 20mg per 1ml serving with their highest option 60mg CBD per 1ml.
  • Medterra CBD Gummies are 25mg CBD and Charlotte's Webs are only 10mg
  • Medterra offers the best prices- Medterra 2000mg (80mg per 1ml) is $99.99 and Charlotte's Web's 60mg per 1ml is $120
  • Medterra offers a rewards program, all you have to do is sign up, and when you spend you receive reward points to spend on the site.


We loved how easy their website was to navigate and how clearly everything was laid out- Medterrais the most welcoming and open CBD company we have tried. Each product has all the information you need about the product. Every question was answered, no need to follow another page or look through the FAQs to find information.

They even have a short quiz to show you the products that would suit what you're looking for.

Medterra has found the perfect balance between having a large enough product offering while still not overwhelming the customer. They have something for everyone with so many different strengths, flavors, and forms.

Their addition of other naturally powerful ingredients like Melatonin, Manuka honey, B6, B12, L-Theanine, and other amino acids helps drive the specific CBD effects in the varying products. So if you're looking for CBD for a specific thing, like trouble sleeping, Medterra makes it easy to find one.

Medterra also offers some of the highest concentrated products on the market at the best prices. Their affordable pricing is amazing considering all their CBD comes from isolates, is THC-free, and is of the highest quality. Their Keep Calm, Stay Alert and Sleep Tight Gummies which contain 25mg of CBD are only $39.99.

Their Broad Spectrum Cannabinoid Tincture starts at $59.99 for 1000mg and their CBD Tincture starts at $34.99 for 500mg and $99.99 for 3000mg.

Charlotte's Web

Charlotte's Web has a massive range of products, but were shocked at how low in concentration their CBD tinctures and gummies are. And despite the low concentration, their prices are very high. We initially put this down to the high quality of their products but when compared to Medterra's quality and prices, we couldn't see how Charlotte's Web could justify this.

Their website was also a little crowded. It was hard to find exactly what you wanted and there is really good information there, it just takes a bit of digging to find it.

Final Notes

Both Medterra and Charlotte's Web offer a wide range of CBD products. But after using both, which would we recommend? Easy, Medterra.

The website is a joy to use, we learned even more about CBD from just purchasing our oil tinctures and gummies. They made everything so seamless and quick while feeling welcomed and like we made the right purchase.

Overall, Mediterra is our choice for CBD cause it is the highest quality CBD you will get at the best price. Plus, their customer care team is outstanding- you can even chat with someone on their website if you have any questions!

They're also involved in cutting-edge scientific research behind CBD that is happening right now to unlock even more of its potential.

Medterra truly believes in the powers of CBD, and their care comes all the way from their science right through to the gummies and oil that we purchase.

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