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Which Meal Kit Should You Spend Your $$$ On? Gobble Or EveryPlate

Most of us have heard about meal kits and their benefits. After all, they’re everywhere we turn! Initially, we weren’t into them, but we recently hopped on the train.

Meal kit services send pre-portioned ingredients right to your door with recipe cards, making cooking hassle-free. But with so many different meal kits on the market, it’s hard to know which one to spend your money on — that’s why our editors decided to look into two popular ones, EveryPlate and Gobble. We tried them both and here’s what we thought.

Key Similarities:

  • They are both meal-kits
  • They both have a weekly rotating menu

Key Differences:

  • EveryPlate costs $4.99 per serving – Gobble Costs around $14.99 per serving
  • EveryPlate has different plans, like Classic Plate, Veggie Plate, FamilyPlate, and Easy Plate – Gobble only offers Classic, Lean and Vegetarian options
  • EveryPlate has a lot more 5 star reviews than Gobble
  • EveryPlate has larger and more frequent discounts compared to Gobble.

EveryPlate Review:

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EveryPlate is the first meal kit our editors tried because of its incredible price of only $4.99 per serving! They have a weekly rotating menu of 18 new recipes with interesting flavors – not to mention their flexible subscription, where you can skip, pause, or opt out anytime.

After a quick sign-up, we selected the EasyPlate option for 4 people, 3 times a week. The box was delivered to our door on time, with pre-portioned ingredients, individually packed according to each recipe. We love that their ingredients change based on the season to ensure high-quality.

EveryPlate’s easy-to-follow recipe cards include 6 simple steps, so even the worst cooks can keep up. We tried the Chicken & Zucchini Penne in Creamy Red Sauce, ready in exactly 30 minutes. We also enjoyed their veggie option, Cheesy Black Bean Quesadillas with Polano & Southwest Crema - dee-licious!

They even have premium options which allow you to go a little fancier and treat yourself. This week’s Hotel Butter Barramundi was a light, flaky, buttery fish with green beans. We surprisingly cooked the fish brilliantly and couldn’t get enough of it!

Although we personally loved EveryPlate, we still wanted to see what their customers are saying:

“I'm in grad school on a low budget with very little time and this is perfect for me!”

- Lauren.C

“Perfect. And at this price? The recipes taste great, and the quality has been good for me. Portions are not so small.” - Kevin.B

Price: 9.8/10, Quality: 9.4/10, Convenience:10/10, Variety: 9.5/10. Overall: 9.6/10

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Gobble Review

Gobble follows the same procedure of sending you pre-portioned meals right to your door every week. The chefs at Gobble even prep your ingredients, so there’s no need to peel, chop or measure liquids. However, some of the vegetables in our box were bruised or already rotten.

Gobble has a weekly rotating menu and claims that their dishes finish in 15 minutes – the majority of them do, but some took us a little longer to prepare, which we wouldn’t have minded if not for the 15-minute meal promise.

We selected the Classic Dinner for 2, 3 times a week which costs $14.99 per serving – definitely on the more expensive side! Their box arrived on time and we gave the Cheesy Mexican Squash Flatbread with Black Beans & Chipotle Pesto a try, which was surprisingly nice.

Even though we enjoyed the interesting Gobble recipes, our minds and stomachs kept bringing us back to EveryPlate. We read a few Gobble reviews and customers faced similar issues.

“Thought since the cost per meal was more than previous meal plans it would be better…. Not the case!!” - Amanda.

“Our meals never arrive on the date set up. And the produce seems to be wilted and brown quite often. The fish was ever well slimy and had a strong fishy smell and we were unable to eat it” - Samantha.

Price: 6/10, Quality: 7.3/10, Convenience:9/10, Variety: 8.7/10. Overall: 7.4/10

Final Thoughts:

If our stomachs could vote, they would pick EveryPlate over Gobble. EveryPlate didn’t just save us money but their meals were tastier and their ingredients arrived fresh and without any damage.

They have a vast selection of quick and easy recipes that taste delicious and keep you satiated for hours – dinnertime is such a breeze now! The whole process from beginning to end was seamless with EveryPlate – we are fans for life!

We would have signed up ages ago if we knew meal kits could save you so much time and money. They are delicious, high-quality and affordable. What more do you need?!

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