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I Didn’t Trust The Meal Delivery Trend Until I Tried Thistle

I have never been one to spend much time in the kitchen. I don't understand how people could spend hours on end cooking and baking - I guess some people just love it, but it always felt like a chore to me.

I grew up with fresh food every day but after moving out, I have struggled to eat healthily, especially since working from home. I live on frozen pizzas and store-bought lasagne.

I know I need to get my eating on the right track, especially now that lots more socializing is on the horizon. My friend Louise told me that she and her husband swear by Thistle, a ready-to-eat meal plan delivered right to your door. I didn't understand how this was different from takeout or even ready-made grocery store food, but she assured me that it is much healthier.

I delved a little deeper and looked at the reviews and they were overwhelmingly positive.

Here are a few things I was surprised to find out:

Nutritionally designed meals delivered right to your door with perfect portion sizes and take just a few minutes to heat up.

Thistle offers completely plant-forward and vegan plans with a variety of healthy proteins to choose from (plant-based, meat, and seafood).

They have a globally designed menu that changes every week based on what is in season like Cherry, Mint & Pistachio Salad orPitaya Smoothie with Coconut Hemp Granola. They also have snacks, juices, and wellness shots.

Thistle uses over 40 superfoods like turmeric and matcha and all of their meals contain zero refined white sugars, artificial preservatives, artificial additives, or artificial dyes.

Thistle starts at only $11.50 per meal - much more affordable than takeout.

After reading about how every meal is fully prepared and has so many options I was sold. Thistle has breakfast, lunches, dinners, cold-pressed juices and even snacks - what more could I ask for. I now eat so much healthier without having to spend hours thinking of what to make. Since their portion sizes are perfect, I don't need to munch on endless snacks throughout the day.

Goodbye frozen foods and hello to convenience and delicious, fresh and healthy ingredients.

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