Sunday Or Not, Los Sundays Is The Perfect Tequila

Sunday Or Not, Los Sundays Is The Perfect Tequila

In true Sunday fashion, you can typically find me and the editors sipping something on our day off. Sunday is a complex day, alright? We could be having Sunday Brunch, the Sunday Scaries, or even a Sunday Kind Of Love.đť…ˇ

Our personal favorite kind of Sunday is Los Sundays, the tequila taking over Instagram with creative merch and flavor profiles unlike any other tequila we've tried.

Their IG is flooded with relaxed scenes of tennis players, boat-tippers, and friends just hanging out. Los Sundays offers a Reposado, Blanco, and even a Coconut-Infused tequila which we have to respect - the transition to tequila ain't always easy! Their tequilas use both high and low regions of agave, so it's delivering next-level flavor while still remaining sippable and smooth.

Not like we're tequila connoisseurs, but we do know our way around an agave plant and have tried the likes of Clooney, The Rock, and even Kendall. We're super impressed by Los Sundays' commitment to sustainable farming, their range of agaves, and their tequila is distilled in Jalisco at one of the most awarded distilleries! We decided to check them out in real life.

We used Los Sundays handy store locator tool to find a liquor store close by that stocks them. Then we picked up their Blanco and Coconut-Infused tequila for a make-shift office happy hour. (One of our editors is a vodka-soda kind of girl, so we went the coconut route for her.)

On its own, the Blanco is unbelievable. No shivers, no burning sensation. It's crisp, smooth, you can taste the range of agave, and goes down almost too easily. While we all have that one friend who is insistent on downing shots, we might suggest they try this one on the rocks or in a margarita or paloma. It's so fine, it must be enjoyed slowly.

Next up was the Coconut which blew all our collective minds. It has hints of the Blanco and is so clean and light as it pairs with the all-natural toasted coconut flavor. The moment of truth arrived when even Chelsea, the tequila-hater herself, loved it! When we offered her a lime slice after she took her first sip, she didn't even need it…

Los Sundays is the tequila we're recommending to everyone. It has the highest quality of flavors for lowest price - our favorite!) - without being stuffy or snobby and appeals to all kinds of tequila lovers new and old.

Whether you know your tequilas from A-Z, or are looking for an easy something that's supremely sippable on the weekend, Los Sundays has you covered seven days a week.

Follow this link to find Los Sundays at a store near you!

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