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Lemonkind vs. Squeezed: Which Juice Cleanse Should You Try?

There's a clear winner.

I think most of us have felt intrigued by the thought of a detox at some point, but not without wondering how hard it would be, whether or not it would actually work, and if it would even be worth it.

Juicing seems to be in demand now more than ever, mostly due to influencers all over social media but also, because they pack a punch of Vitamins and immune-boosting antioxidants, which is top of mind for everyone right now.

I did some research and based on reviews, the most popular juice cleanses seem to be Lemonkind and Squeezed. With so many on the market, we thought we could compare these top runners to figure out which one was really the best.


Lemonkind consists of 24 juices, meaning you get 8 juices a day so you end up drinking one every 2 hours. They also have a 1 day core cleanse and hybrid cleanses for beginners, where you have 6 juices and 2 chewable snacks per day!

When it comes to taste, Lemonkind is definitely up there with the tastiest. The three day cleanse from Lemonkind is $139.99 for 24 juices, which works out to about just $5 per juice.

Regarding value, Lemonkind has all the fruit and vegetables and nutrients we need, plus they infuse their drinks with health boosters and organic superfood botanicals. For example, their last juice of the day has blueberries and apples, but it also contains organic whole grain brown rice protein, saigon cinnamon and milled chia seeds. The other juices have other boosters like organic turmeric, chlorella, acerola and green tea.


Squeezed juice cleanse consists of just 5 juices a day, but it is very flexible and gives you the option to do it anything between 1 and 7 days. Each juice works out at about $5 each.

With regards to taste, you can also choose between 2 different cleanses, one for beginners, with sweeter flavors, and one for the people who are more accustomed to vegetable juices. You also have the option to add spices to your cleanses which we thought was pretty neat.

In terms of value, this cleanse is super healthy and provides a lot of variety but the only thing that was a bit of a bummer was the fact that it didn't seem to have as much added superfoods as others did.

Overall Verdict

Out of both of the cleanses mentioned above, our personal favorite was Lemonkind. It's tasty, plus you get 8 juices a day. To be completely honest, we struggled more with Squeezed because we were drinking the juices less frequently, which meant we were hungrier and had more cravings.

Squeezed has more options in terms of how long you want to do it for, but we found that Lemonkind's three day cleanse was the perfect amount of time, any longer would become difficult, and any less wouldn't get the desired results. Additionally, the chewables you can get with Lemonkind is a great option.

We felt detoxed after both cleanses, but Lemonkind left us more nourished and gave us motivation to keep up the healthiness even afterward. Plus, like we mentioned before, all in all, Lemonkind's cleanse is such good value for everything you get.

We'd recommend Lemonkind to anyone who wants to detox and try a juice cleanse out, it's by far the best one out there!

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