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Our Editors Found The Juice Cleanse That Actually Works

Do detoxes really work? We need to know!

Everyone is done with the fake insta posts from influencers telling us how great another detox is, only to later find out they have never even tried it. So instead of falling for any of these insta-tricks, our editors did their own research and found three juice cleanses that are made of real, nutritious ingredients and based on their high number of reviews, offer a system with consumer-backed results.

The lucky three were Jus by Julie, Pressed Juicery, and Lemonkind Superfoods. We tested them to see which juice cleanse is really worth it. Here are our results:


Lemonkind's 3 Day Super Detox Me core juice cleanse consists of 24 juices, meaning you get 8 juices a day, and drink one approximately every 2 hours. They also offer a 1 day core cleanse and hybrid cleanses for beginners that combine 6 juices with 2 chewable snacks per day.

Jus by Julie's 3 day cleanse consists of 18 juices, which only gives you 6 juices per day so you go longer without eating between drinks. They do have a lot of length options, offering cleanses that go anywhere from 1 to 5 days.

Pressed Juicery also only gives 6 juices per day and allows you to choose how many days you want along with the option of doing a full day or half-day cleanse. With full-day plans consisting of the 6 juices and the half-day cleanse being made up 4 juices, a shot, and a plant-based meal which you provide yourself.

Because all three get delivered right to your door, ready to drink in easily transportable bottles (Jus by Julie/Pressed Juicery) and recyclable pouches (Lemonkind), it was a tie between all three for convenience.


Lemonkind by far tasted the best.

Jus by Julie and Pressed Juicery juices both have very similar flavors and tasted pretty much the same, consisting of a lot of green and nutty juices. A taste we all agreed that we would get tired of very quickly.

Lemonkind's flavors are much more interesting and different to what we have tasted before. We loved how each flavor has a focus depending on the ingredients. The Aronia Berry Lemonade was for Awareness with high levels of Vitamin C and the Renewal Blueberry Cinnamon Chia is packed with macro and micronutrients.


A three day cleanse from Pressed Juicery costs $103.50, Jus by Julie is $125 and Lemonkind is $139.99.

Taking into consideration that Pressed and Julie only give 18 juices across the 3 days and Lemonkind gives 24, that works out at Pressed and Lemonkind both costing the same at a little over $5 per juice. With Jus by Julie being the most expensive at nearly $7 a juice.

Nutritional Value

This is the main question - what is really inside and which has the most beneficial ingredients to me? Jus by Julie is made with the basic fruit and veg ingredients which is good, but when you compare it to the ingredients in Lemonkind you see they could be adding in a lot more (or less in the case of some of the Jus by Julie agave sweetened drinks).

Lemonkind has all the veggies and fruits needed, but they also pack a lot of extra health boosters to all their juices. The Blueberry Cinnamon Chia has apples and blueberries but it also has organic whole grain brown rice protein and there Carrot Gingerade has organic turmeric.

Pressed Juicery's bottle names are pretty much what is in the juices - again nothing much extra.

Overall Verdict

We decided all three belong in the not-a-gimmick category, but which one is the best?

It was clear from all of us it was LemonKind. It tasted the best, has the best ingredients, and contains the highest nutritional value. Plus, their cleanse has the option to come with superfruit chews to have with the juices, so you get to chew!

We all also felt we got the best results from Lemonkind: we felt light and healthier and felt an overall boost. We even started eating so much healthier after it because too much sugar or carbs felt sick and heavy.

The juice cleanses were more enjoyable than we thought. Yes there are useless cleanses and detoxes out there, but there are also healthy worthwhile cleanses like these three, with Lemonkind looking like the best one out there.

It's the only detox we are going to be recommending for sure!

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