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I Thought All Juice Cleanses Were Awful, Until I Tried Lemonkind

Yeah, I've tried a juice cleanse. Survived on green goop and lemon water for a couple of days, until I caved on a Chipotle bowl and a few other food items I am too ashamed to share. I don't even like Mexican cuisine, I just missed food so much.

The first few hours of my cleanse was great, but it felt more like a hunger strike; there were barely any calories and I felt light-headed and grouchy half the time. When I went on Instagram to whine about how much cleanses suck and major cleanses fail, a friend reached out and told me to try Lemonkind.

I was like, girl, did you even read my story? But she said Lemonkind is different. Sure, Jan. When she mentioned the juices actually taste good, that's when I paused. Aren't juice cleanses supposed to be gross?

She has always been a reasonable kind of gal, I thought to myself. Lemonkind sounded like a detox I could really stick to and get solid results so I took the plunge and tried it. Here are the 5 things that surprised me the most:

You drink 8 juices a day. 8! That's more times a day than people eat food.

I never felt hungry! With so much juice, I was satiated but still felt light.

This is not a starvation cleanse. Each serving is 110-180 calories for a metabolism boost.

A huge variety of superfoods. Ingredients include blueberry, aronia berry, chlorella, turmeric, ginger, carrot, acerola, mango, pineapple, green tea, cinnamon, spinach, chia seeds, and brown rice protein.

Lemonkind offers1-day or 3-day cleanses. I never imagined I'd be able to sustain this for 3 days, but the 1-day made me feel so energized, I had to upgrade!

Juice cleanses have a bad rep for legitimate reasons. They can deprive you of the nutrients you need to function and leave you feeling drained. Lemonkindgets that, so they offer enough calories to keep you going, enough nutrients and antioxidants to boost your health, and a convenient way to go about it.

Now, every few months I do a 3-day Lemonkind detox to reboot my body and my eating habits. I feel so much lighter and revitalized. Dare I say that I look forward to cleanses? I do actually. My metabolism gets a boost and I get to drink blueberry cinnamon chia juice that tastes like pie, it's a win-win!

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