Lee Pace

Long Live Lee Pace

Charles Sykes/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

A man of many names, Lee Pace is the internet’s Intergalactic Emperor Daddy in Foundation, the Elvenking in The Hobbit, a ‘himbo’ in Bodies, Bodies, Bodies, and more recently, he’s GQ’s smoldering muse.

As if the thirsty, yet regal, nicknames don’t give it away, the man is royalty. All 6’5” of Pace is filled with unbridled confidence, unrelenting seductive power, and unassuming sincerity. And the outside of the 6’5” isn’t bad either; eyebrows that have never met tweezers, long hair naturally salt-licked and dried, a jawline that could cut glass.

GQ’s feature only solidifies him as the Galaxy’s Daddy. A man who built his own home brick-by-brick. Who, rather than staying with his cast while filming Bodies, Bodies, Bodies, made the trek home every day to his loving husband. Matthew Foley - the VP of Communications at Thom Browne - flaunts equally stunning looks and an impeccable eye.

The pair are - in all aspects of life - tastemakers. One creates trends, the other sets trends, and the world follows.

From the silver screen to the movie screen - and every screen in between - there’s nowhere Lee Pace can go that I wouldn’t follow.

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