Jim Cramer Reveals His Entire Portfolio and Future Trades

According to Jim Cramer, "there's always a bull market somewhere." Even in the toughest markets, Cramer's been able to find financial pockets of opportunity...

According to Jim Cramer, "there's always a bull market somewhere." Even in the toughest markets, Cramer's been able to find financial pockets of opportunity. He became well-known as one of the most successful money managers in Wall Street history in his 14 years managing money for his hedge fund, Cramer Berkowitz, where he generated an average annual return 24%! But how can we as individual investors get in on Cramer's success?

Cramer's not holding any secrets to himself this time. Rather than limiting his skills to benefit only those with money under his management, Cramer is now granting subscriber access to his entire stock portfolio through membership to his investing club, Action Alerts PLUS. You'll be able to see the buy price, current price, and returns on each of his holdings immediately upon signup, as well as the analysis behind each of his trading decisions.

Arguably the most valuable of the product offerings are the trade alerts Cramer emails you right before he makes each trade. This is a huge benefit because it allows you to invest alongside him. It's like—well, it is—getting a skilled money manager's insight, while still maintaining the control to invest as you please. He walks you through everything so that you can make the same moves as a professional money manager – without spending 30 years on Wall Street.

When I signed up, I dug into Cramer's portfolio, and saw which industries were driving the most stable returns. Cramer has consistently been a proponent of Twitter (TWTR) which recently beat both top and bottom line estimates. The attention given by Cramer and his team to analyze management's approach has delivered huge returns for my portfolio as I mirrored his trades. It was super simple and straightforward, and took me no time-- especially compared with the time it would have taken me to conduct that type of in depth analysis.

Action Alerts PLUS isn't designed for just one kind of investor – the new "indexing system" tells you which investing ideas best fit your style. And if you still have questions, the monthly members-only calls provide a live forum where you can communicate with experts. If you're feeling even bolder, you can also email Cramer and team directly through your subscription.

Bottom line: Action Alerts PLUS provides investors of every skill level with the analysis made available to professional portfolio managers. This time, Cramer's obsession with the market caters to individual investors. You can gain unfettered access here.

Update: Jim Cramer is extending a special offer to Topdust readers! Follow this link to get your Free, no obligation 14-day trial and get instant access to Cramer's portfolio and future trades!

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