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How I Used Muzzy To Help My Children Learn A New Language

Here's How My Kids Progessed With Muzzy After 4 Weeks

Kids are resilient, and my two certainly prove that to me everyday, but I still can't help worrying about them. My main worry in the last few months is their development. All that school they missed and a lot of their social interaction is just gone.

Having to be homeschooled by me definitely didn't help, so thankfully the schools are back. The last few months really shifted my focus on what I could do to help their development in any way. After a lot of searching and talking to other moms, Muzzy kept coming up.

Muzzyis a language learning course for children developed by the BBC that uses a natural immersion approach, modeled on the way all children learn their first language.The Muzzy cartoons introduce words and concepts, and then introduce them again and again in many new contexts. The cartoons consist of animated stories and engaging music surrounding your children with a second language.

"It's the perfect way to spark their interest in languages", "Muzzy is guilt-free screen time", "My kids love watching it", "I can see the amazing results in my kids already", "It keeps them out of your hair for awhile"- were the reviews I was getting from so many other parents. Plus learning a new language helps their brains in so many other cognitive ways to develop and can even improve their test scores.

Muzzy was exactly what I was looking for so we chose Spanish out of the 7 languages they offer. You kids can even learn French, Chinese Madarin, German, or Korean to name a few. I placed my order and eagerly awaited it's arrival.

Week 1

We told the kids a surprise was coming so when the Muzzybox arrived on our doorstep they were super excited. We let them open the big box and their eyes were so wide looking at the DVDs and all the material that came inside.

They wanted to watch it straightaway. I was nervous putting it on. Would they even like it? Would my oldest Jenny have zero interest or would my youngest, James, be too young for it? I read about the window of opportunity and how children absorb and find it easier to learn new languages the younger they are. So starting them young will hopefully be a good thing.

They both took their favorite spots on the sofa, I pressed play and left them to it. Within a few minutes I could them giggling away. Good sign for sure.

Week 2

Both Jenny and James keep asking to watch Muzzy every day so we now have dedicated Muzzy time after all their school work is done. Which also means I have some much needed me-time in the afternoons, too. It's great that they see it as a little treat and I know it's beneficial to growing their minds.

I love that they are enjoying it and I love hearing the Spanish while the cartoons are playing but I'm still waiting to see if it can help my kids learn any Spanish.

Week 3

We are still watching Muzzy, neither of the kids have gotten bored of it yet. In fact the opposite, at dinner they enjoy telling my husband and I about all the antics going on in Gondoland. And the best part, they are using the Spanish words they have learned to explain it to us. They even chat to each using their new Muzzy phases, it's too cute. I think they feel like they have a secret language together, talking in code to one another around the house.

Week 4

Nearly a month of Muzzyand it's still going strong. Jenny and James are using so many Spanish phrases and words throughout their day. Even James' teacher heard them using Spanish on the playground and asked what tutor I was using. "No tutor, just muzzy".

Jenny has now moved on to the Muzzy online games, and I only hear Spanish out of her while she's on it and James loves on the online puzzles too. No more being bored at home! Muzzy makes their screen time not only fun and enjoyable but educational too.

Jenny even asked for some Spanish books for her birthday. Muzzy has helped her to find something she really loves.

I love Muzzy and so do my kids. The benefits I'm seeing in my kids has surpassed all my expectations for Muzzy. I recommend it to all the parents out there.

Update: Muzzy's Limited Time Offer: Save up to 67% off a subscription if you purchase today!

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