Kindra Reviewed - The HRT Alternative

Kindra Reviewed - The HRT Alternative

Menopause is something close to half the population will face, yet it remains a tight-lipped subject that many tip-toe around. Such lack of conversation leads to misinformation with many women unaware of effective tools to alleviate the discomfort and pain of menopausal challenges.

As you may already know, vaginal dryness, hot flashes, and night sweats can all occur on during a woman’s menopausal journey. Fluctuating or decreased estrogen levels is traditionally treated by prescribing Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) to provide the body with needed doses of estrogen.

However, HRT comes with an increased risk for heart disease, stroke, blood clots, and breast cancer. Those risks are only heightened for those over the age of 60.

According to a study done by the British Medical Association, there’s even a link between women using HRT treatment and dementia*. Although HRT is commonly viewed an efficient way to combat symptoms, it’s not viable for many who are going through menopause.

For those who are currently using HRT, considering it, or looking for a safer alternative, we’d like to introduce you to Kindra.

Kindra is a community-focused brand that understands that each woman’s menopause experience is unique that should be freely spoken about and embraced.

Made by women for women, the experts at Kindra truly know what all bodies may need. Their products are backed by science with proven results and grateful customer testimonials raving about their relief!

Getting started with Kindra is beyond easy and, unlike HRT, doesn’t come at a steep cost or require insurance. Kindra has a 5-minute quiz that helps identify your issues and suggests products that will work specifically for you.

While HRT gives the body added doses of estrogen, Kindra takes a different approach. Kindra’s formulas and products are estrogen-free and progesterone-free. Their all natural line includes a wide range of supplements like the Core Supplement for heart, balance, and immunity support, as well as the Focus Supplement that primarily combats brain fog and hot flashes.

Kindra's Daily Vaginal Lotionis a fan-favorite and works to relieve vaginal dryness through a boost of ultra-hydrating ingredients. It eases painful sex while increasing libido.

One of Kindra’s real users says, “I was using hormone cream to help with dryness but worried about the increased risk of cancer. Then I found Kindra . . . Love that it’s all natural but even more, the results have been fantastic. No more dryness and I feel like myself again. Thank you Kindra!”

Rather than enduring a rigorous, aggressive - and expensive - HRT treatment plan, Kindra's is equally as effective. Their products are 100% safe, effective, and offer long-term solutions so you can get back to feeling like yourself. It’s time to leave HRT’s dangerous side effects behind!

It’s clear that Kindra has something to offer everyone woman throughout their menopausal journey.

Don’t wait until your symptoms are at their worst, join the Kindra community today!

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