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More Than Menopause Relief, Kindra Is Letting Women Get Back To Their Normal

After you turn 40 there’s a lot going on with your body, and not everything has a clear-cut answer - especially when it comes to menopause. As one of the biggest changes women face, many have turned to Kindra for relief that goes far beyond menopause and lets them get back to their routines.

Kindra is an absolute go-to for perimenopausal to postmenopausal needs. Their famous Daily Vaginal Lotion and revolutionary supplements are all designed to help every body who experiences the discomforts of menopause. From dryness and low libido, to hot flashes and brain fog, Kindra has the key.

Women love Kindra for its estrogen-free and progesterone-free formulas that are packed with natural ingredients. However, there’s more to the brand than its powerhouse products. There’s also an inclusive and supportive online community that shares tons of resources as you navigate this complex time.

Many people think menopause products only work to remove the big obstacles: night sweats, hot flashes, and mood swings. But menopause is way more complicated than that. Women who use Kindra reap the full benefits of an overall healthier lifestyle.

Yes, with Kindra you can get back to feeling like your old self. It all starts with their dietary supplements:

  • The Core Supplement- supports healthy circulation, mental clarity, and supple skin. Plus, the addition of Ashwagandha helps reduce stress and boost libido
  • The Focus Supplement - calms your body and eases your mind with a combination of Pycnogenol® and Green Tea Leaf Extract

Kindra’s 5-minute quiz helps identify your needs and regimen making the entire process even easier. Once you’re on the right path you’ll see an overall improvement in your health in areas you never imagined required attention.

It’s a domino effect - eliminate night sweats and menopause-induced insomnia and get your sleep back in check. In addition, you’ll see the benefits in your metabolism and weight loss. This one simple change can lead to more energy, increased libido (hello, Daily Vaginal Lotion), and a general day-to-day refresh.

We love how Kindra fixes more than just the day-to-day menopause obstacles and goes above and beyond to bring us back to ourselves doing the things we love most.

If you’re looking to establish a healthier lifestyle, we recommend making Kindra a part of your new routine.

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