How Keto Made Me Look Like Chris Pratt (the Buff Version)

How Keto Made Me Look Like Chris Pratt (the Buff Version)

My roommate Dave is always going on a date with someone he met from some app! I asked to see his profile picture, so I could find out his secret, and that's when I noticed that he was shredded like lettuce. If I wanted more action I'd have to lose my beer belly.

Dave recommended I check out "Keto," so I did some research. I learned that if you reduce your carb consumption to 5% of your daily caloric intake, your body starts burning its own fat, transforming it into a fuel called ketones. This state is known as ketosis, and when you're in it, you're less hungry because ketones activate the hormones that turn off hunger.

Your own body fat becomes your primary fuel source so you burn fat at an accelerated rate. You feel clear-headed, energized, and focused. I needed to get into ketosis! But I was eating carbs regularly, so I knew the transition would be tough. That's when I found Perfect Keto, a line of Keto-friendly products that actually taste good.

Perfect Keto has a ton of products that are all designed to aid you while you navigate the Keto diet. I've heard horror stories about the "Keto Flu" so I decided to try their Exogenous Ketones, a supplement that can help to avoid feeling headachy and fatigued as you transition into ketosis. It's also great to have on hand for those times you fall off the wagon and eat too many carbs. Browsing their site, I saw great snack alternatives, like nut butters and bars. I stocked up on the Keto Bars, which are far too good to be called a snack. (I love the Salted Caramel and Lemon Poppy Seed flavors!)

Slowly, I got stronger at the gym and steadily increased my cardio. The Keto diet is no easy feat, but it helped having snacks to grab and supplements to help get you back into hyper fat-burning mode. Winter came and went, spring passed, and then came a summer heatwave. I went for a run outside and pulled off my shirt three miles in.

When I got home, my roommate Dave took a picture of me, shirtless, sweating buckets and chugging water over the sink. I shared it on social media and the comments blew up! "Is this what the kids call a 'thirst trap'?" and "How do I get that body?!" "When'd you turn into such a snack???" 133 likes in 20 minutes. I was shocked by what I saw. "I have a six-pack! "Check it out, Dave!" I yelled, shaking my roommate.

After that, every time I was at the gym or in front of a mirror I couldn't stop looking. I went from the Chris Pratt from Parks and Rec to the Chris Pratt in Guardians of the Galaxy! When I was at the gym, a guy started peppering me with questions about my diet and workout routine, and I told him all about Perfect Keto, the "Key-to" to my success. The best part -- my dating profile was blowing up, left right and center!

I couldn't believe who I'd become: someone people wanted. I had a hot body. Strangers thought so! And some of those strangers were people I'd date. But now I was worried. What if I gained back the weight?! I can't let that happen! I'll keep going to the gym and doing Keto.

Luckily, I have a steady stream of Perfect Keto 's products are always there for me, so I never really have to worry about falling out of ketosis. Keto is a lifestyle change, not just a diet change. With Perfect Keto's help, I can live the Keto life.

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