Where Are The Kardashian-Jenner Pets?

Where Are The Kardashian-Jenner Pets?

Some celebrities make their pets a part of their brand. Paris Hilton was inseparable from her tiny, spoiled dogs in the 2000’s. Swifties go gaga for Taylor’s cats almost as much as she does. And Adam Sandler routinely performs with his comic sidekick bulldogs Matzo Ball and Babu.

Then there are the celebs who post about their pets…only to never show them again.

TikTok user @jessweslie bravely asks, “Where are the Kardashians’ and Jenners’ dogs?”

She goes on to ponder the whereabouts of Kendall’s Blue, the Disicks’ Christmas golden retriever, Kourtney Kardashian’s Honey, Kim Kardashian’s Sushi, and North’s black and white dogs.

The Kardashian-Jenner clan has always been obsessed with their public image, and adorable dogs make for a positive spin. It’s even a popular screenwriting shortcut to reveal a character’s morals based on how they treat a dog. And amidst many a scandal, the Kardashian-Jenners can always use some positive PR.

So, where are the dogs?

In a 2019 episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Khloe revealed that she had to rehome the three puppies that Kris had gifted the eldest Kardashian sister.

“I just moved back into my house…I’ve done my research … they’re going to people who will love and adore them.”

Khloe’s not the first celebrity to admit rehoming after biting off more than they could chew. Hailey and Justin Beiber rehomed their “amazing, but psycho” $35k bengal cats in 2021.

In a viral 2018 video for GQ, Kylie Jenner asked then-BF Travis Scott to list all her dogs’ names.

Out of her four dogs, he struggles to name more than one of them correctly. Thus revealing the fakeness of their relationship, or more likely, how little time the two of them spend with her dogs.

So, our theories:

Scenario #1: The Kardashian-Jenners routinely purchase puppies for cute photo opportunities, then rehome them before they grow bigger and demand more attention and quality care. Khloe’s admission makes this a possibility.

Scenario #2: They keep the dogs, but outsource all their care. They hire professional trainers and handlers to train and take care of them so that they can focus on more important things. A distinct possibility.

The truth is that we, the public, will never truly know. The Kardashian-Jenners are the ultimate experts at only showing the camera what they want. So, whether the animals are gone for good, at a trainer’s place, or merely off-screen and ready for loving, they’ve decided not to reveal it.

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