SmileDirectClub Reviewed - Dentist-Approved Clear Aligners

SmileDirectClub Reviewed - Dentist-Approved Clear Aligners

At some point, almost everyone we know has made straightening or whitening their teeth a priority. While we’re happy to keep an eye out for up-and-coming oral care trends, we’re sick of wasting time experimenting and experimenting with no real results to show for it.

We won’t test any more fads or resort to painful traditional braces, either. So, we asked the experts themselves to dig into their top choice for clear aligners - SmileDirectClub.

SmileDirectClub is doctor-directed and assigns clients to licensed dentists or orthodontists who oversee your entire treatment virtually. Unlike so many other aligner companies, you can start your Smile Journey™ from the comfort of your home with their impression kit, or in-person at one of their SmileShops.

Here’s what dentists everywhere are saying about SmileDirectClub and their clear aligners:

“The one thing people need to know about SmileDirectClub is that it’s heavily guided by a team of doctors. There's a dedicated team of doctors that follow each patient and guide them throughout their course of treatment.” - Dr. Loray - Rock Hill, SC

With SmileDirectClub you’re never on your own. Once you start your aligner journey, you’ll have regular Smile Check-ins™ and 24/7 access to your dental team. All of which will be overseen by your prescribing doctor.

This is one of the few dental companies out there that provides the best of both worlds - helping patients find their ideal smile while maximizing their oral health.

“On average, SmileDirectClub treatment plans are about four to six months. The treatment times are short due to the amount of technology that we're able to use nowadays. These are programmed movements in the teeth that are safe and effective.” - Dr. Moore, Colorado Springs, CO

With SmileDirectClub’s 22-hour continuous wear plan, treatments take an average of 4-6* months to complete. By using cutting edge SmartSculpt™ technology, they can plan precisely where your teeth will move over the course of your treatment.

You also get to decide your specific wear schedule and when it works for you. For those who prefer wearing aligners at night rather than during the day, they offer Nighttime Aligners™. These aligners are worn for 10 hours every night and usually take about 10 months** to complete treatment. SmileDirectClub Nighttime Aligners are a great option for younger patients and those who have jobs where they speak a lot, so it doesn't interfere with their daily activities.

“With clear aligners, the benefit I've seen is the cleanliness of the teeth. Because whenever I have a teenager who has had braces on for two years, that gum tissue grows over the brackets. And you have to take the laser to really clean off that area after the braces are gone. The fact that clear aligners keep the areas clean is one of the most important things for us.” - Dr. Harvey Spencer - Rock Hill, SC

SmileDirectClub aligners are composed of a smooth, comfortable, BPA-free plastic that doesn’t irritate the cheeks and gums like braces can. They’re actually invisible and you only need to remove them when drinking or eating. So they won’t hurt while improving your smile. Plus, aligners are a fantastic alternative for patients who previously had traditional braces and don't want to return to that rigid system.

“SmileDirectClub is one of my favorite go-to options because it has faster movement. It's an easy system. So we don't have to worry about attachments or brackets or wires like other systems use. And it's affordable. They offer so many different payment plan options.” - Dr. Loray - Rock Hill, SC

Traditional braces and the huge price tag that follows can be a major barrier for those looking to straighten their teeth.

However, SmileDirectClub's aligners cost $1,950. And they offer SmilePay™ where you make a down payment of $250 and then only $89 a month for 24 monthly payments.

What separates SmileDirectClub from so many other services out there is their Lifetime Smile Guarantee™***. They won’t charge additional fees for needed touch-ups.

The Verdict

After all our research and digging, plus SmileDirectClub’s expert reviews, we wouldn’t recommend any other clear aligner company. There's a doctor for every case and you always have access to a team of dentists. Not only do their results speak for themselves, but so do their dental professionals!

Straightening your teeth with SmileDirectClub is safe, affordable, and - most importantly - effective. SmileDirectClub is the right choice for anyone looking to improve their confidence and smile more often!

*“As little as 4 months” claim is based on the number of 22-hour wear customer orders (approx. 65%) with treatment plans that are 4 months or less.

** “10 months with 10 hours of continuous nighttime wear” claim is based on the number of 10-hour Nighttime Aligners™ customer orders (approx. 95%) with treatment plans that are 8-12 months. Results may vary.

***Terms and conditions apply. See SmileDirectClub.com/guarantee for details.