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Is EveryPlate Really All It’s Cracked Up To Be? Our Editors Investigate

Nowadays, it’s all about convenience. That’s why there’s so much hype around meal kits.

The meal kit industry is growing by the day, and by now, you’ve probably heard of EveryPlate.

EveryPlate has been garnering a lot of attention recently due to its taste, simplicity, and above all, extremely affordable cost.

But could a meal kit so inexpensive really be good quality? Our editors decided to do the research.

We read all the EveryPlate reviews so you don’t have to. Here’s what we found:

EveryPlate’s meals start from $2.19 per plate! When you consider how much each ingredient would cost in a supermarket, the price is incredible.

“The food is always so flavoursome, easy to prepare and the recipes are easy to follow, there is a good variety of meal options and you can get multiples of the same meal if it's your favourite... I could not go out and buy all those ingredients for how much I pay for the convenience of it being delivered to my house.” - Kristy (Trustpilot)

Family-friendly recipes: EveryPlate offers a rotating menu with meals everyone will like. With family-friendly meals on the menu every week like the Classic Chicken Burger with Fries, and favourites such as Mexican Beef Quesadillas with Yoghurt, you know taste is always a priority with EveryPlate!

“I am really happy with EveryPlate. … Easy-to-follow recipes, tasty meals. What's not to love? " - Sharon H. (Trustpilot)

Ready in 30 mins or less: EveryPlate makes cooking from scratch fuss-free. Their recipe cards are easy to follow, with simple cooking techniques everyone knows. Their 4-step meals mean less prep, and less clean-up!

“Absolutely surprised with the quality of the meat and vegetables. The family have enjoyed the meals so far and are easy and quick to prepare. Best of all it saves me time and money. As a working mum the last thing I want to do is spend time in the supermarkets.” - Julie P (Trustpilot)

Flexible plans:EveryPlate’s plans let you choose from 2, 4 or 6 people and whether you would like 3, 4, 5 or 6 meals a week. Plus you can skip a week, pause, or opt out at any time! You’re never locked in.

“I have had EveryPlate for about 2 weeks. Yum Yum. Takes the guesswork out of menu planning. Meat and chicken is good quality and so are the veggies. I’m saving money with no food waste." -Karen B (Trustpilot)

Hundreds of five-star reviews: Judging by all the glowing reviews on Trustpilot, the precedent is that EveryPlate is convenient, fuss-free, tasty, and extremely smartvalue. Here are some more reviews:

“I am surprised every week by the amount of flavour in the meals. The delivery is excellent. The quality of the food is great. It has changed the feeling in the house when it comes to dinner time and it’s such a relief of an evening now knowing that it’s done. So much cheaper as well! I have gone from just wasting money on a food shop to $60 for 4 nights of meals.” - Jess (Trustpilot)

“EveryPlate takes all the stress out of deciding what to have for dinner. I only have to go to the shops once a month to get other items. … My daughter who has just moved into a flat also gets EveryPlate and she loves it too. " - Glenda F. (Trustpilot)

EveryPlate has transformed dinner time for its customers. After trying it too, we can confirm EveryPlate makes dinner time stress-free. Their meals are easy to make, and most of all, incredibly affordable for the convenience it provides. Check out EveryPlate today, you can thank us later!

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