5 Reasons We Love IPSY

5 Reasons We Love IPSY

The more time we spend on the internet, the more we realize just how many different beauty brands are out there. It seems like there's always new beauty products and trends popping up, we can't keep up. With so many beauty bloggers bombarding us with recommendations, it's hard to know if something's a genuine bargain, what's high quality, and what brands will work best for us.

It's impossible to try everything, and definitely not affordable. Luckily, IPSYis a subscription service that sends you a Glam Bag full of the best items and brands in beauty and skincare, based on trends and your own preferences and needs.

Here are 5 things we love about IPSY:

Its amazing value - costing just $12 a month, or only $11 a month with a year's subscription, you get 5 deluxe-sized beauty samples delivered to your door.

They stock big brand names like bareMinerals, Benefit, Youth To The People, and more. So you know the items in your Glam Bag will be high quality.

Simply take a quick quiz which establishes your details, beauty needs, and brand preferences. Your IPSY Glam Bag is completely personalized for you, so you're sure to enjoy all the items you receive.

If you really love something in your Glam Bag, IPSY's Shopper feature allows members to buy full-size versions of your faves at a discount.

The Glam Bag is super cute and always has a gorgeous design, and can definitely be repurposed.

IPSY gives you the opportunity to try out so many new products and brands. And because you tell them exactly what you're looking for with their quiz, you'll never be disappointed. Starting at just $12 a month, it's much better value than trying and testing products separately. Try it now, you won't regret it!

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