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Everything You Need To Know About Instaflex Advanced

We all age, whether we like it or not, and with age, we become prone to aches and joint discomfort. As we get older, doing common things such as yard work, climbing stairs, exercising and grocery shopping gets harder. We try a lot of general supplements, but they don't do too much.

We were looking for something to help our readers with a joint relief supplement and that's when we found Instaflex Advanced. We have tried it and have absolutely loved it.

Unsure on if it's right for you? Our editors have the answers to all your questions

What does Instaflex Advanced do?

Instaflex Advanced is a Fast-Acting Joint Relief supplement that targets the root cause of joint discomfort. It's based on an innovative, original formula. Instaflex Relief can get you back to comfortable living.

What's in it?

Instaflex Advanced was formulated by Dr. David Katz and studies have shown that it's twice as effective as common supplements using glucosamine chondroitin.

Their capsules contain:

  • AprèsFlex®, a patent-pending form of Boswellia serrata, an ingredient that has effectively helped with joint discomfort.
  • UC-II® which is an underrated source of collagen derived from chicken.
  • Hyaluronic Acid, known for forming protective structures around cells in joints.
  • Turmeric, providing additional joint support by lowering histamine levels.

How soon will I notice the difference?

Feel the difference in your Joint Relief in just 7 days. Studies have shown up to 60% relief can be found after 90 days.

Why is Instaflex Advance different?

Instaflex Advanced is twice as effective as supplements that use glucosamine chondroitin, and there are no known allergic reactions. Their formula is manufactured under strict compliance according to FDA Good Manufacturing Practices.

Instaflex Advanced is just one capsule that needs to be taken daily with water - it's that simple.

What does the sample trial give you?

With the free trial, you get access to Instaflex samples for just $4.99. They'll ship a 14-day supply so you can test out the supplement at home and see if Instaflex Advanced is right for you.

How does the subscription work?

After your free trial, the subscription model works on a monthly basis and is $69.99. Once you subscribe, Instaflex Advanced will be delivered to your door every month. Just to note, if you don't cancel your details within the trial window, you will automatically be signed up for the subscription model.

What are people saying?

Want to know if it actually works before signing up for your free trial? This is what a few people are saying about what they think of Instaflex Advanced.

"I'm 81 years old and I've been involved with physical fitness for 65 years. I started having trouble with my shoulders, so I made it a point never to put my coat on with people around... When I heard about Instaflex Advanced, I tried it. I'm probably 70 to 75 percent better than I was before I started taking it. Instaflex Advanced works great!" - Richard D*

"I have been taking the Advanced Instaflex for a couple of months. I am having less discomfort and walking much better without knee supports! I love this product and will continue to take it. Also, love the fact of one pill daily." - Marsha T

You don't need to worry about aching joints anymore. Instaflex Advanced relief has proven results and with its 14-day trial, it is definitely a supplement you should try.

*Contest Prize Winner. Results will vary, users typically experience 60% improvement in 90 days.

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