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Inside New Zealand's Favorite Meal Kit Delivery Service

There's nothing like a home-cooked meal, but who has the time these days? Between the trip to the supermarket, recipe research, and then actually having to cook, whipping up a homemade dinner from scratch can take hours. Luckily, meal kit delivery services have brought this once mundane task into the 21st century.

Subscribing to a meal kit delivery service can seem a huge commitment, but on the contrary, it's actually designed to simplify your lifestyle. One leader in the field, HelloFresh, is starting a craze among people who want to eat home-cooked meals but struggle to find the time to cook from scratch.

Intrigued but don't know where to start? We have your most burning questions answered.

How Does HelloFresh Work?

For anyone who's constantly mulling over what they want for dinner, HelloFresh's recipes are a breath of fresh air.

Once you've decided what meals you'd like to try, you'll then receive a box of pre-portioned ingredients that require minimal slicing and dicing and a recipe card with clear and concise instructions. Just toss in your ingredients, follow the steps, and you'll have a delicious dinner on the table in as little as 30 minutes!

What Kind Of Meals Do They Have?

You can choose a box consisting of meat and vegetables, vegetarian-friendly products, or family-friendly meals. You can also specify how many servings/meals you want in each box and when you want it delivered. If you are unsure about what sort of meals you want, you can leave it up to HelloFresh who will pick some delicious options for your next order.

Some of HelloFresh'smost popular meals include Japanese Beef Tacos, Greek-Style Chicken & Lemon Pepper Fries, and their famous Carolina's Chorizo Carbonara. And with 25 recipes each week you'll never get bored. They also have Balanced, Dinner to Lunch, and Gourmet options- there really is something for everyone.

Dinnertime Made Easy
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Are The Meals Healthy?

Each recipe contains three to four different fruits and vegetables and HelloFresh uses between 40 to 60 types of produce each month. Regardless of what you're eating, as long as it's HelloFresh, you know you're getting a healthy variety of delicious food. And unlike the supermarket, HelloFresh sources all the fresh produce directly from local farmers. Cutting out wholesalers and distributors means the produce from HelloFresh is not only fresher but better for the environment. Plus HelloFresh is committed to helping its customers balance their carbon footprint by becoming the first global carbon-neutral meal kit company, and their packing can be reused and is recyclable, too.

Subscription? Am I locked in?

Nope! Everyone has a flexible lifestyle and HelloFresh is built around this notion. With HelloFresh you can pause, skip a week or cancel at any time. All you have to do is log in, choose your recipes, select your delivery day, and pause, skip or cancel if necessary.

How Much Does It Cost?

What good is an amazing meal kit if it's unaffordable? Luckily HelloFresh starts at only $7.99

per serving. Did we mention how much you can save on food waste? With HelloFresh, because all ingredients are pre-portioned , you never have to worry about buying more than you'll eat!

Between its convenience, choice, flexibility, and because it's easy to use,, HelloFresh is changing the game when it comes to dinnertime. Gone are the days of wasting money on unnecessary ingredients and spending hours in the grocery store. Say "hello" to the future.

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