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9 Amazing Products for Your Indoor or Patio Garden

Bring the joy of gardening indoors

You don't need to go outside to enjoy all the benefits of growing and maintaining a garden. With these nine products all the therapy and beauty of a personal garden can be brought indoors.

Grow Your Own Bonsai Kit

bonsai kit

Bonsai trees are the epitome of compact, therapeutic gardening, and with this affordable bonsai kit you get everything you need to grow and tend your own tiny version of four different trees—black pine, Japanese maple, Judas tree, and wisteria—all in the comfort of your home.

The Instant Nine Plant Garden

instant garden

For more practical gardening purposes, this instant nine plant garden is an all-in-one-package to produce your own salads in any room of your house, because it even provides its own light source. Nine provided soil pods will let you grow three plants each of tomato, basil, and salad greens. It's like farm-to-table at your kitchen table.

Indoor Herd Garden

Indoor herb garden

If you like the idea of growing your own food but want a simpler, more affordable option, this indoor herb garden kit will make it easy to have fresh herbs at your fingertips, with seeds, soil, and pots, and instructions for growing sage, thyme, basil, parsley, and cilantro.

Portable Greenhouse

portable greenhouse

If you're lucky enough to have a patio or fire escape where you can give your garden a little more breathing room, this portable greenhouse will keep your plants protected from the elements, and opens up to really let the sun shine in.

Govee Bluetooth Thermometer/Hygrometer


If you're just getting started as a gardener, it can be hard to figure out how to keep your plants healthy, but the Govee bluetooth thermometer/hygrometer sends temperature and humidity information to your phone so you can keep your plants hydrated and healthy.

Veritable Smart Indoor Garden

smart garden

If you like the idea of the instant garden, but you don't have enough room for a full salad garden, the Veritable Smart Indoor Garden only takes up an 8x8 inch square of counter space while still providing soil, light, and irrigation for the included sweet basil, curly parsley, chives and cherry tomatoes.

Succulent Gardening Tool Set

If even herbs are too intimidating for you, then you might want to start by taking care of some resilient succulents. This tool kit provides everything you need to tend to a hearty crop of succulents and rolls up in a convenient package.

ECOLIFE Aquaponic Garden

What is a garden without a water feature? If you already have a fish tank (or you want to get one) this aquaponic add-on from ECOLIFE will clean the water for your fish while they provide fertilizer for your plants. It's the circle of life in your living room.

Bottle Garden Kit

Bottle Garden

If all of these options seem a little too daunting, you might want to start with something small and simple. This bottle garden kit from Urban Leaf let's you grow dill, sweet basil, and french parsley with just the addition of your leftover wine bottles and some water. They also have some other varieties, including a version for growing edible flowers.

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