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I Was Skeptical About Meal Kits...Until I Tried Green Chef

2020 has been a lot to say the least. I'm really looking forward to getting a fresh start this New Year, but … I say this every single year, and it doesn't really happen. There's so much pressure starting January 1st to succeed in your goals, and it just doesn't work for me.

Instead of saying hello to 2021, I'm getting a head start and saying goodbye to 2020 along with my bad habits. A big change I want to make is eating better and having more balanced meals — why not start now? Well, it's easier said than done, but a friend heard me talking about my plan and suggested I try Green Chef: a meal kit service specializing in plans for healthier eating.

I was not looking for a meal kit service. Honestly, I could just buy the ingredients myself and whip up a salad. And I did… but it got old fast.

I was not the culinary chef I had imagined myself to be and if I was going to be eating better, "healthified" boxed mac n cheese and sad caesar salads were not the way to go. So, I gave in and signed up for Green Chef (it couldn't hurt to try).

There were 4 different plans I could choose: Keto, Balanced Living, Plant-Powered, and Carb-Conscious.

I ended up choosing the Balanced Living meal plan. I wasn't ready to go with one of the more specialized plans and this way I could get classic meals that included meat, seafood, and vegetarian recipes.

I was still worried that the focus on health meant the food just wouldn't taste good. My first order consisted of Crispy Southern Chicken, Honey-Mustard Salmon, and Orange-Sesame Chicken Salad. Plus, my plan included 2 servings for each of the 3 recipes so the leftovers had me all set for lunch the next day.

Green Chef proved me wrong; not only was it incredibly easy to cook and assemble, but when I took that first bite of my Honey-Mustard Salmon? It was absolutely amazing.

I love that Green Chef is a certified organic company, meaning they have a wide variety of organic ingredients that are sourced sustainably. And, they send you the exact amount of each ingredient. No food waste, quality ingredients, and delicious recipes? So far, Green Chef was working out great.

I even saved time with Green Chef which was a surprise. Apparently amazing meals can be cooked in just 30 minutes, thanks to clear instructions on their recipe cards. Even the organic ingredients come pre-measured and prepped, and delivered right to my door.

It's nice not having to worry about orchestrating meals every single night, but I still have the other 4 nights to experiment and occasionally order some take-out (I'm only human).

My biggest hang-up with healthy eating a lot of time is cost. Thankfully, my Green Chef subscription started below $7 a serving, so I was definitely not going to break my bank trying it out. Plus, I can always skip a week or pause my subscription at any time, though I don't see that happening.

It's not even 2021 yet and I'm already on top of my healthy eating goals thanks to Green Chef. It turns out that a meal kit delivery service was just what I needed. Now that I have one healthy habit down, I know going into next year my other positive habits can fall into place — the first step is always the hardest.

Saying goodbye to my bad eating habits couldn't have happened without Green Chef.

UPDATE: Our friends at Green Chef are extending a limited time offer to our readers! Follow this link to get $90 off across four boxes, including first box FREE shipping!

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