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I Tried To Cut Meat Out Of My Diet

I've learned a lot recently about the health and environmental impacts of eating meat, and I definitely want to start making a change to my diet. I'm not ready to go full-on vegetarian but I want to simply cut back on meat — there are certain things I can't give up right away.

3 days a week where I don't eat meat would be a great start, more than meatless Mondays but not changing my entire diet. Only I'm struggling to come up with veggie recipes. My repertoire right now is mostly the classic meat with veggie dishes.

What else can I really do with vegetables? What are the best non-meat substitutes that still fill me up? In my quest to find answers I came across Green Chef: a healthy and organic meal kit delivery service.

I haven't used meal kits before but since I was in new territory when it came to eating less meat I figured it'd be a great help in making the transition. Green Chef has 4 different plans, you can choose from Keto, Balanced Living, Plant-Powered, and Carb-Conscious. The Plant-Powered plan best fits my needs offering vegetarian and vegan recipes that focus on a plant-based diet.

The subscription is really flexible, allowing me to pause or cancel any time. And it's super affordable starting as low as $7.82 per serving. I ended up getting 3 recipes a week with 2 servings each.

Right away, I was loving having the meals delivered right to my door. All the ingredients I needed were included and measured out. Green Chef is a Certified Organic company so I knew that all the produce was of great quality and that really translated into the taste.

Plus, their packaging is eco-friendly which was a major factor in my decision. My plan was to help the planet and now that I can recycle the majority of material my food comes in, I feel more confident in my choice of Green Chef.

My first week of meals was fantastic! I chose the Truffle Butter Risotto, Miso-Glazed Sweet Potato Tacos, and Southwest Rice Cakes. The kits all had recipe cards that made the cooking process seamless. All the meals take an average of 30 minutes to cook and it was an extra time-saver that I didn't have to prepare any meat (defrosting, marinating, seasoning, etc.).

I felt like a vegetarian gourmet chef after I prepared my meals! I love learning all the innovative ways to cook meat-less and I'm excited to venture into substitutes like tofu in my next Green Chef order. And when I'm curious about any nutritional value in my recipe I can check online and the calories are listed on the recipe card.

It was also great to have two servings of each meal so that I already had lunch set the next day. Now, I was saving time not running to the grocery store, prepping, and cooking. I didn't even know meals had been taking so much of my time in the first place.

I'm enjoying having my mid-week meals covered while still indulging in some meaty meals on the weekends — bacon is unfortunately my kryptonite.

Overall, I love using Green Chef in my mission to be healthier and more environmentally friendly. Green Chefs meal kits are my new go-to and I'm grateful that they're helping me be meat-less (part-time).

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