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I Tried Drizly. Here's What Happened

This year, I went from ordering the occasional fun thing on Amazon, to ordering nearly everything online. My only in-store purchases have been alcohol, because I like browsing and buying online seemed complicated. Plus, it's a family-run store and I like to support local businesses.

I figured that wouldn't change, but then my friend told me she was ordering from her local liquor store online. I told her if mine had a website, it was made in the Stone Age.

She clarified that she was ordering alcohol from her local liquor store, but through Drizly. It's like the UberEats of alcohol that shows you all of the liquor stores in your area in one place.

It sounded convenient, but I looked forward to my trips, so whatever, not for me.

Then, not long after, I was cozy on the couch when I noticed we'd gone through the last of our favorite bourbon. It was early, but slippers were already on, so I thought I'd check out Drizly for more.

Once the website had my location, it was clean and easy-to-navigate, and they promised that most orders would arrive in about 60 minutes. Oh my goodness, if that was really true, we could have a nightcap.

Every liquor had a review score from the community and my bourbon of choice had 4 out of 5 stars. I went to read the comments and noticed a few people were recommending another, slightly pricier one as much, much better. My store carried it, and honestly I'd never picked it because the bottle wasn't interesting. Drizly listed all the tasting notes, and I found out it was made in my state.

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I decided to switch it up for fun, and I also was able to add mixers and snacks to my order! They really had everything. The prices were about the same from what I remembered, but I braced myself for a steep delivery fee….but it was a very reasonable $5.

I looked at what else they had, and threw in a case of beer for the weekend. It was coming from a second store, but I really, really liked the packaging and are you really an IPA fan if you haven't tried them all?

Making an account was very easy, and soon, my cart was full of everything I needed. I put it in my order, and waited, wondering how quickly it would arrive.

Within 60 minutes (I think it was actually around the 40 minute mark!), my order arrived. There was totally contactless delivery; the driver maintained a 6-feet distance for my ID scan, so I felt safe.

We had the bourbon flowing within minutes, and put on a record as we talked before bed.

Looks like Drizly is our new go-to now. I still get to support my favorite store, I get more in-depth knowledge on my alcohol choices, and I can get everything without leaving my couch!!

2020 may not be what we expected, but convenient alcohol delivery is definitely a step up in one department of my life.

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