I Tried Beard Club’s Growth Kit — Read My Honest Review

I Tried Beard Club’s Growth Kit — Read My Honest Review

I can grow a decent mustache. But I’ve never been able to connect the sides of my beard to achieve that full, dense facial forest that every man dreams of.

I figured this was just due to my genetics, and growing a thick, connected beard was simply out of the picture.

After seeing countless ads for Beard Club, featuring some of my favorite bearded legends like James Harden — I decided to try them out. With their Beard Growth Guarantee, they offer a full refund if you aren’t seeing results after 5 months of consistent application — so I had nothing to lose and only a legendary beard to gain.

To be honest, I was still skeptical if Beard Club would help me achieve my beard goals.

Here’s What I Ordered:

Initially I had no idea what I needed to do to start my beard growth journey. After some research on Beard Club’s website, I discovered their Beard Growth Kits.

There’s The Starter Kit, The Advanced Kit, and The Ultimate Kit. Given that I was looking for the most comprehensive solution, I bit the bullet and ordered The Ultimate Kit.

The Ultimate Kit Unpacked:

  • The PT45 Beard and Hair Trimmer has a razor-sharp blade for a clean cut, and 8 color-coded guides for 45 unique beard-trimming lengths — allowing me to personalize each trim and cut.
  • Beard Derma Roller is designed to stimulate new beard growth and will help improve the look and feel of my skin.
  • Beard Shampoo is a genius mix of Rosemary Extract, Aloe Vera, and oils like Coconut, Castor, and Jojoba designed to keep my beard dandruff-free.
  • Derma Roller Cleansing Spray is made to be used before and after I use the derma roller. It not only keeps it clean but prevents dirt and bacteria from getting onto my skin.
  • Beard Growth Oil contains a blend of Castor and Coconut Oil to stimulate my facial hair growth. It softens my skin and eliminates irritation and split ends while rejuvenating thick beard hair — an outstanding beard enhancer, in my opinion.
  • Beard Growth Vitamin Spray features Biotin, Bamboo, Vitamin D, Peppermint, and Lavender Hydrosol, which keeps my beards hydrated all day.
  • Beard Growth Vitamins support healthy bodily functions, healthy testosterone production, and are known for their positive effect on the growth of healthy hair, beard, and skin.

Bonus Gifts: Their Mustache Comb crafted from sandalwood, The Beard Brush made with birchwood, and a Beard Brush crafted from pearwood.

Here Are My Results:

Within only 2 months, my beard already looks much thicker, healthier, and more connected. I use the PT45 Trimmer to keep my beard length consistent (an underrated part of your beard looking good). Now, my mustache blends in with the rest of my mane and frames my face beautifully. Not to mention, it’s definitely the best trimmer I’ve used, with its powerful battery life and precise titanium-coated blades. (The trimmer boasts a 3 hour battery life but I haven't had to charge it yet!)

After my morning shower, I use the derma roller to help stimulate my hair follicles and apply the growth oil and vitamin spray. This routine only takes a few minutes, and it’s been providing serious results.

My new beard has been giving me a huge confidence boost, and I feel as though I’ve never looked better. An added bonus is that my girlfriend loves it too, and can’t keep her hands off me.

I admit I had doubts, but Beard Club is truly the real deal. If you’re struggling with patchiness like I was, Beard Club has got you covered!