An array of Hydrant packets in different colors with citrus fruits

5 Surprising Facts About Hydrant

There's a better way than 8 glasses a day.

75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. Yikes! No wonder water challenges are such a big thing. But even by chugging gallons of H20, you still may be in need of hydration.

'How do I drink even more?!' you might be thinking. The answer is that you don't have to. All you need to do is maximize your water intake with an electrolyte-spiked enhancer like Hydrant.

Just like rice needs beans for a complete protein, water needs electrolytes for the perfect balance that will put you at your best.

Hydrant is a morning hydration mix you stir into your drink. The individual packets come in Blood Orange, Lime, and Grapefruit flavors as well as Orange and Lemon caffeinated flavors.

Here are the 5 surprising things to know about Hydrant.

Its formula is based on ORS, a hydrating solution shown to hydrate faster than regular water, coconut water, and sports drinks, thanks to a more optimal fluid-electrolyte balance.

When you're hydrated, you may notice peak cognitive function, better energy levels, and strong skin health.

Hydration is more than just water - your body needs to replenish what it's losing! Hydrant has the ideal blend of potassium, zinc, magnesium, & sodium.

Sugar's only there for function - so no unnecessary calories with that fun, citrusy taste.

Cheaper if you subscribe - it becomes less than a $1 a day, and you may find yourself buying less wasteful plastic bottles.

Sick of the word "hydration" yet? Stop worrying if you're at peak hydration levels and hydrate with Hydrant.

Adding a packet to your morning glass of water will lift you up from a dehydrating sleep and continue to help you all day long as your body takes in water and maximizes its benefits. 8 glasses a day isn't enough if your body's not retaining it. Drink less, but get more out of it when it's spiked with electrolytes.

Find your peak hydration with Hydrant.

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