How Youfoodz Helped Me Get Back On Track

How Youfoodz Helped Me Get Back On Track

Editor’s Note:My job keeps me very busy, so I usually stick to takeaway or delivery, plus, I don’t really enjoy cooking. When I realised how much I spent on food, I knew I had to find a cheaper solution.

Before Youfoodz:

Since moving out of home and starting my current job, I usually order takeaway. I just don’t have the time to brainstorm recipes, buy the ingredients, and cook meals from scratch! If I ever make myself something, it would be frozen junk food – either pizza or chicken nuggets.

But when I took a closer look at my spending habits and realised how much I was over-spending on takeaway and delivery fees, I was shocked. I knew I had to find a more affordable solution, and greasy frozen foods were out of the question – I already felt bad enough about my poor diet.

So, I started asking around at work to see how my workmates were able to save money and still eat healthily. To my surprise, half of them were subscribed to a meal delivery service, with Youfoodz sounding the most interesting to me.

I liked that they offer various plans that cater to different requirements and that I could choose from a menu of 60 nutritious meals per week that ship ready-made directly to my door.

The best part is that their meals are always delivered fresh – never frozen! And at $5.49 (with their introductory offer), it isn’t bad at all for the convenience. Since their subscription is super flexible and allows me to easily skip a week or cancel at any time, I decided to give them a try.

Signing up was super easy. First, I selected the number of weekly meals and chose my meal plan preference: ‘Everyday Healthy’ (which you can change anytime in the account settings!). Then, I finished creating my account and then it was the fun part – choosing the meals! Everything looked delicious!

After Youfoodz:

My first Youfoodz box arrived fresh on my doorstep! The meals looked really tasty, so I couldn’t wait to try them! The first meal I popped in the microwave was the Clean Chicken & Sweet Potato with Broccoli & Peas. It was done in only a few minutes and by that point, my mouth was watering!

My first thought was WOW. The meal tasted so much better than I thought it might for a ready-made meal. I absolutely loved the chicken seasoning, and the combination of the pesto and veg was spot on. It was a perfect meal – light, but it still kept me satisfied until dinner.

That night, I tried the Beef Lasagne with Bolognese & Creamy Bechamel which was rich in flavour – I wanted more! The great thing about Youfoodz’ lasagne is that it’s packed with veggies and protein – 30 grams per serving!

Youfoodz makes lunch and dinner super easy for me. All I need is a microwave, and I get to enjoy a healthy, nutritious, delicious meal within minutes. It’s super convenient, saving me time and money going to the shops, finding ingredients, cooking and cleaning.

Each meal is perfectly balanced with proteins, carbohydrates and plenty of vegetables, so I have peace of mind that when I order Youfoodz, I’m going to be enjoying healthy meals. Since ordering Youfoodz, I feel much better about my eating habits and find myself having more energy throughout the day. They also offer snacks such as protein balls and brownies, as well as fresh juices that are perfect for when you’re on-the-go! My favourite is the Choc Brownie Bite.

If you have a busy schedule and need some help with making lunches and dinners healthier, try Youfoodz for yourself!

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