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How TopResume Helped Me Switch Industries Mid-Career

A professional resume helped me stand out from the crowd

In my 20s and 30s, I jumped around in different sales positions, finally landing in healthcare when I was 35. It was a solid job with good pay and benefits, and before I knew it, 15 years had passed. A lot happened during that time: I raised two children, moved up the corporate ladder, and built new technical skills I never imagined I'd have when I graduated from college as a Communications major.

Then, after my oldest daughter left for college, I realized that while I was happy with my accomplishments, I wanted to switch industries to use the programming and software skills I had picked up in past few years. I had been submitting my resume—with no luck—for months when a friend told me about TopResume. She used the professional resume writing service when she was applying for jobs, and she ended up making more money than she ever had before. That's when I really began to understand that my resume is a story, and the way mine was written didn't give hiring managers the information they were looking for. So, I decided to use TopResumeto help me rewrite mine.

Like many people looking to switch jobs, at first, I was working all alone without any guidance, just applying to whatever I saw online. I knew I had the right skills but was out of touch with the job market and unsure of what HR departments and recruiters were looking for. TopResume helped me bridge that gap. When I got on the phone with a resume-writing pro for a free resume analysis, I learned my mistake: my resume was so long and crammed with information that it wasn't totally clear what my skills and accomplishments were. A new employer would have no way of knowing what my goals were or what value I could add. TopResume helped me refine my goals, and gave me an entirely new resume in less than two weeks.

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My writer specialized in tech sales and was well-versed in the language I would need to use in order to make it past the initial screening process recruiters use. It turns out, many companies use an automated screening process, and if you aren't using the right keywords your application goes straight to the garbage. Yikes! I got my first draft back in a week and saw what a difference it makes to have your resume tell a story. My writer highlighted my strongest selling points, reformatted my original resume into something much more pleasing and easier to read, and developed a career statement to make my goals clear. I thought I needed to include every single job experience (save a high school gig bagging groceries), and so it was liberating to see what was most relevant to my story. After making a few tweaks to my initial draft, I had a resume I could send out that aligned with the job opportunities I was most interested in pursuing.

Within a month, I had multiple interviews and ended up landing a job in SaaS sales at a senior management level. Working with TopResume is like hiring a personalized career coach, only for a fraction of the cost—and a 60-day guarantee to rewrite your resume if you're not landing more interviews than you were before. For $149, I saved myself the time and energy of trying to guess what employers were looking for (not to mention, landed a job that pays $10k higher than my last). As someone who felt out of touch with the application process, TopResume was the best investment in my future I could have ever made.

Update: Stop stressing over your resume and hand it over to the experts. Get a professionally written resume today!

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