Make Laundry Fun With This Amazing Detergent

Make Laundry Fun With This Amazing Detergent

We know you've been stressing about it all week. Your pile of dirty clothes is growing into a scary monster in your hamper and you can't wait any longer. You're just going to have to do you laundry. Take a deep breath.

It's usually quite a process. Separating, lugging, and spilling detergent all over yourself. Not anymore. Here's how to do laundry, better.

Tide PODS are the coolest thing to happen to laundry. Instead of using a big, obnoxious bottle of detergent, oversudsing the machine, and getting stains on your clothes, just toss one of these puppies in with your wash and press start.

It's not just a detergent.

These powerful pods clean your clothes, fight stains, and brighten colors all in one. But it doesn't mix all of those liquids until it hits the washer, to maximize cleaning.

Don't worry about overfilling.

Each pod is perfectly portioned to make sure you don't get carried away and dump a whole bunch of detergent into your machine. Remember, less is more. The pods are there to make that easier for you. It also dissolves completely in front and top loading washers. One pod is good for one load, so if you have an especially heavy load, you can add another.

At under $11 for a pack of 31 pods, that's a lot of laundry for not a lot of dough. If you see someone struggling in the laundry room with a huge bottle of detergent, you can either laugh at them or toss them a pod. The choice is yours.

(Make sure to keep them out of reach from small children!)

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