How To Choose Your Signature Scent

How To Choose Your Signature Scent

On my first day of Business School, the professor lead a discussion on first impressions -- our own (I knew I should have worn a suit!) and the importance of presenting yourself in professional life. What he said next surprised me: because scent is closely tied to memory, our fragrance was imperative to shaping the way colleagues and clients viewed us. After graduation, I landed my dream job at a prestigious agency in New York, and I knew I needed to put my best foot forward. I didn't want my trusty Old Spice spray to remind my coworkers of a frat house. I knew I needed to find an adult, signature scent to start my career on the right footing, but I didn't know where to start.

I asked my most stylish friend, and she told me about Scentbird, a subscription service that lets you experience new designer fragrances every month. She had tried out all the big hitters, from Calvin Klein to Clinique, before settling on a classic Gucci make her best impression after graduation. As a budding businessman, of course I did a cost-analysis before starting the subscription, but starting at $14.95 for a month's supply of designer colognes, there was nothing to lose.

Because I knew nothing about cologne, I was worried I wouldn't find something I liked. But Scentbird has a helpful quiz that makes suggestions based on your lifestyle and scents from nature that appeal to you. It helped me choose woody scents with hints of smoke and citrus.

I ended up discovering that I liked playing around with different scents for different occasions -- sticking with a traditional Burberry scent for work and going with the Dolce and Gabbana Pour Homme, which softens a masculine tobacco base with hints of lavender, for date nights.

For anyone feeling lost when it comes to stepping up their scent game, I can't recommend Scentbird enough. The first bottle took a few weeks to get to me, but after that all shipments were prompt and their customer service team has been incredibly friendly and helpful any time I had a question. After less than a year, I'm up for a promotion at work, and I honestly thank Scentbird for helping me feel like a success, which gave me the confidence to succeed.

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