The Company Thousands Are Raving About: Pacific Debt

In this economy, it's easy to end up spending money we don't have. Unexpected medical bills, falling behind on home loans, or running into an emergency with a maxed-out credit card, it can all add up to feeling overwhelmed with debt. But bankruptcy isn't the only answer for those unsure of a way out of the red. There's another tactic called debt negotiation that too many people drowning in debt know nothing about. Debt negotiation involves reducing the actual amount of debt owed by negotiating with creditors, so you can take back control of your financial freedom.

Sound complicated? Luckily, Pacific Debt is here to help. They'll pair you with an expert who will negotiate with your creditors on your behalf. All you have to do is give them some info about your financial situation. Plus, you don't pay them unless they can bring down your debt. So, there's really nothing to lose. Because no two people are the same, they'll work with your individual financial situation to put together a unique plan to help you best get out of debt. People who have used Pacific Debt to achieve their financial goals are raving about the company on prestigious third party sites, so you know you can trust that their reviews are unbiased. Here's what real people had to say about how using Pacific Debt worked out for them.

“Professional, knowledgeable and excellent communicators"

“I was in dire financial straits that were overwhelming, crippling and frankly embarrassing for a middle-aged hardworking woman. Pacific Debt and specifically account manager, Josh Hallas, are a blessing, professional, knowledgeable and excellent communicators. I felt completely confident that I chose Pacific Debt and in a very short time my debt was cleared."

- Virginia H., Better Business Bureau

“Their team of amazing and kind representatives are stellar"

Pacific Debt and their team of amazing and kind representatives are stellar. In particular, my account manager, Raul, assisted me in making my payments more manageable and attainable. His compassion and knowledge caused me great relief of the constant anxiety of debt. Raul is the best!!!!!!!!!!"

- Emily W., Better Business Bureau

“She explained the process very well without making me feel worse"

“My rep Kathie was amazing. She explained the process very well without making me feel worse than I already do about the situation we have gotten ourselves into. Life certainly gets in the way and sometimes asking for help isn't the easiest. She made the process effortless."

- Terri, Trustpilot

“They have reached settlements with 5-6 of those accounts"

“I have been with Pacific Debt for about 2 1/2 years as they are settling a number of accounts for me, and have reached settlements with 5-6 of those accounts with about 4 being paid off. I have been very pleased with their service and would not hesitate to ever use them again."

- Gregory, ConsumerAffairs

“They are professional, non-judgemental, helpful and available"

“I am so glad I chose Pacific Debt to help me with my debt! They are professional, non-judgmental, helpful & available! I had $24,897 in debt that they negotiated to $9,142. I would highly recommend this company! Thank you Pacific Debt!"

- Cheryl, ConsumerAffairs

“To know at the end of the program we will no longer have credit card debt is a huge relief"

“I was leery and worried at first about doing debt settlement, but have been enrolled for 7 months and have already reached 3 settlements. I cannot thank Josh enough for what he has done for me and my husband. We still have a way to go but to know at the end of the program we will no longer have credit card debt is a huge relief! I highly recommend Pacific Debt to anyone that is buried in credit card debt like we were. Thank you Pacific Debt"

- Cynthia, Best Debt Companies

Don't give up your financial future just yet. Bankruptcy can put a stain on your credit report that can last a least 7 years. Instead, take control of your financial situation by trying debt negotiation. Pacific Debt won't let you down. Give them a call at (888) 585-9214 to see how they can help you.


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