How Small Changes to Your Physical Appearance Can Make a Big Difference

How Small Changes to Your Physical Appearance Can Make a Big Difference

My son Matt was insecure as a teenager. As soon as he hit puberty, he became increasingly aware of how others, especially his peers, viewed him. And he desperately wanted to fit in.

From 7th grade to high school, he started to slowly withdraw from his friends and became shy and reclusive, and he was particularly self-conscious about his nose. Just after turning 16, I took him to see New York plastic surgeon, Dr. Robert Tornambe. After examination and frank discussions, Dr. Tornambe pointed out the fact that while his nose was somewhat large, his weak chin made Matt's nose look much larger. He recommended a rhinoplasty (nose job) and chin augmentation, placement of a solid silicone implant over the apex of the chin bone. The doctor pointed out that shortening his nose alone would not fully correct Matt's facial issues.

Fast-forward 6 months after surgery, a transformation took place. Even though Dr Tornambe performed a fairly conservative rhinoplasty combined with a small chin implant, Matt's outlook and attitude changed dramatically, for the better. The combination of surgery and the normal teenage maturation process brought him out of his shell. He was noticeably more confident around his friends and just happier with himself. The icing on the cake: the following year, Matt was voted Homecoming King at his senior year high school dance! It made me swell up in tears of happiness.

I gave Dr. Tornambe a call to tell him about Matt's transformation, and he was so happy to hear it. He said that while cosmetic surgery is not always the answer, many cosmetic procedures do illicit new self-confidence, as was the case with my son. If you're considering improving your personal appearance, I recommend seeing Dr. Tornambe without hesitation.

Dr. Tornambe is offering readers a free consultation ($200 value) through this link.

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