How Roman, A New Cloud Pharmacy, Helped Me Overcome The Stigma Around Treating ED

How Roman, A New Cloud Pharmacy, Helped Me Overcome The Stigma Around Treating ED

I've struggled periodically with ED over the years. Until recently I wouldn't have thought of my issues as "ED", I just assumed it was something that happens to everyone from time to time. It's not like I was consistently struggling to achieve any kind of erection. But too often it seemed they were not as good as they could be. Some were 4s or 5s instead of the 10s I would consistently get when I was younger. Often it crept up when I was a bit tired from work, or I'd had too much to drink. It was a little embarrassing, sure, but I just thought it was something I had to deal with. I'd heard about Viagra and similar medications, but I figured that was only for guys who couldn't get an erection at all, not for someone like me. The idea of explaining my performance problems to my doctor just did not seem worth it.

I mentioned my problems in passing to a good friend of mine, and he told me about an interesting new company he'd just heard about called Roman. They connect men struggling with ED to a licensed doctor and, if appropriate, the doctor will write a prescription for ED medication. It was interesting, but the thought of buying medication online sounded more than a little sketchy to me. I've read crazy stats, like the fact that 80% of all Viagra purchased online is counterfeit, and can even contain toxins like paint thinner.

My friend insisted that Roman was different and told me to check them out for myself. They had me take a ten minute survey to determine if a prescription would be helpful and safe. My information was then securely reviewed by a doctor who decided that generic Sildenafil was perfect for me (and way less expensive than branded Sildenafil aka Viagra). The best part was that I didn't even have to leave my couch. The doctor contacted me with his recommendation within an hour, and I was ready to go. He even insisted that I give him a call if I had any questions or concerns at all once I started on the meds. It felt very secure as I only dealt with the doctor, and didn't need to answer a million questions from nurses and receptionists.

Roman even partners with their own dedicated pharmacy, and they were able to ship my prescription directly to my door. I was honestly still a little concerned about anyone knowing I had turned to ED medication, so avoiding a trip to the pharmacy was a huge bonus.

Roman shipped my medication within two days and it came in a super discreet packaging that reminded me a lot of an iPhone. After Roman's introductory discount it came out to about $40 for three months of the generic medication, including the doctor's consultation. He assured me the generic would work perfectly, and I was surprised at the level of attention I got from a simple online chat.

I've been using the medication for the past few weeks, whenever I struggle to perform, and my relationship has improved dramatically. I didn't realize just how much it had been affecting my confidence until I experienced life without ED. The best part is that with Roman's autorenewal feature I'll be getting my medication delivered right to me without any extra hassle for as long as I need it. Roman made me feel safe and secure enough to finally deal with the problem, and I couldn't be happier.

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