How Lumo Lift Helped My Posture and My Confidence

How Lumo Lift Helped My Posture and My Confidence

Most of us know that having better posture can help us become more confident, but how often do we actually stand up straight and stay that way? I for one, have pretty bad posture, but as soon as someone alerts me to it, I can stand up straight. In fact, you're probably adjusting your posture right now as you read this. After all the psych courses I've taken, I know that body language is a crucial part of communication. We read people by the way they carry themselves, and people that slouch almost always make a bad impression.

After reading up on how having good posture can increase confidence, I knew I needed to find a way to work on it so I could make a good impression at a job interview I had coming up. My research led me to Lumo Lift, a wearable posture correcting device that vibrates every time you slouch to make you constantly cognizant of your posture. It sounded like just the reminder I needed to get the confidence boost I needed.

It was super simple to use. All you have to do is remove the magnetic clasp, place it under your shirt right below your collarbone, and secure it in place. Then, to set your target posture, get into your best posture and press the Lumo Lift once. This target posture will be used as a benchmark to identify moments when you slouch. As soon as you leave that target posture, you'll receive a simple vibration reminding you to sit up nice and tall. It's as simple as that.

I tried on Lumo Lift at home and within minutes of wearing it, I instantly felt better. Just standing in front of the mirror, I appeared so much taller. It surprised me how much I slouched moving about my daily activities, and it was an awesome reminder to get that gentle vibration to straighten up. It took some getting used to, but as the day went on, I felt the vibration less and less. It was actually training me to have better posture.

In the days leading up to my job interview, I was feeling great. Not only had Lumo Lift straightened me up, but it also made me feel in general a lot happier. I felt like I looked good, and my clothes looked so much better on me than they usually do, since I was actually standing up tall. The device is a sleek and discreet way to remind me to be more confident throughout the day. Lumo Lift has not only changed the way I view myself, but also the way I feel about myself. I'd say $79.99 was a small price to pay to gain the confidence I needed to make a great first impression, no matter where I'm going.

Update: The awesome folks over at Lumo are offering a special deal for our readers. Follow this link to get free shipping with your purchase of Lumo Lift!

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