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How I Lost Weight With Personalized Protein Powder.

When I was younger, I remember older women telling me how lucky I was to be able to eat whatever I wanted without consequence. I didn't understand then, but I definitely understand now. My metabolism was a lot faster back then than it is now that I'm in my late 20's. I look at old photos and I'm like wow, I used to be in such great shape. All those french fries and pizza slices are finally catching up on me.

While I'm not trying to go back to my high school weight, I want to at least shed a few pounds and possibly turn back the clock a few years. So, yup, I've started a new gym routine with the help of a personal trainer, who helps me keep on track of my goals.

My personal trainer suggested I compliment my workouts with protein powder since protein helps your muscles recover from the wear and tear of exercise. I thought it was a great idea, except I didn't know anything about protein powders, and most of the ones at my local nutrition store were mostly targeted towards men. After I asked him for suggestions, he recommended I try ordering a personalized protein powder by a company called Gainful.

Gainful is a subscription service that sends you protein powder that's tailored to your body type and fitness goals. They use simple ingredients that even I recognize, so I know I'm not putting something potentially harmful into my body. To personalize your protein powder, Gainful first asks you to take a fun, short quiz. The quiz collects a bunch of information, like age, weight, what kind of exercise you're into (whether you like cardio and weightlifting over yoga), and info about your fitness goals and dietary restrictions.

Immediately after I finished the quiz, Gainful showed me the breakdown of my personalized blend. Because I'm lactose intolerant, my protein powder includes whey protein isolate, green tea extract, organic Stevia sweetener, and natural vanilla flavoring. In addition to the ingredient list, Gainful also told me why they chose those particular ingredients for me. I told them that I lift lighter weights with my trainer and do cardio, so they added whey protein isolate to my blend because it's absorbed by the body quickly and helps combat muscle fatigue by promoting recovery.

I use 1-2 scoops of protein powder to make tasty pre-workout almond milkshakes, and I really feel they're making a difference. I'm handling way more than I did when I first started my gym routine. I could barely do one proper push-up when I started! Now, I'm pushing 15 in a row. Plus, I'm on track in my goal to lose 1-2 pounds a week until I get to my ideal weight.

Another huge benefit of my personalized blend is that it keeps me full for hours. Usually, once two or three in the afternoon rolls around, I can't resist the urge to snack. Since I've started using Gainful, I haven't felt hungry at all, which has helped me consume fewer calories. Plus, my blend is super low calorie and has less than 1g of carbs!

A cool perk that comes with my Gainful subscription is access to my own Registered Dietitian. Whenever I have questions about my blend, diet or exercise goals, I can just ask my Dietitian, Matthew, and he responds via email. That's definitely something I can't get in a nutrition store.

My protein powder has been a real lifesaver in my journey towards shedding a few pounds. Before, I would often feel unmotivated to head to the gym, but my protein powder now gives me the extra bit of energy I need to stay on track. It's not some one-size fits supplement product that I'm wasting money on. Plus, I don't have to worry that I'll become too bulky and muscular by drinking some powder that's meant for a man. Nope, I love that mine is made just for me.

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