How HelloFresh Got Me Back Into The Swing Of Things

How HelloFresh Got Me Back Into The Swing Of Things

After the madness that is the end of the year, I find myself needing to get back into a routine ASAP.

Between holiday parties, work projects, and seeing family and friends, I don’t get to catch my breath until early January - and when I do, I realise just how much I’ve been flying by the seat of my pants.

My meals during the holidays consisted of leftover party food from the weekend prior; more dips than I ever thought existed, an assortment of nuts, and pudding. So much pudding.

After going around talking about New Year’s resolutions at the final holiday party of the season, I heard someone say they were going to get their meals back on track. Good luck, I thought - as if I haven’t heard that every season. But then, they said they were going to use HelloFresh to keep them in line.

I’d heard of HelloFresh before but never really gave it a second thought. When I got home and opened my fridge to find nothing but week-old mint jelly, I decided to give it a go.

I jumped on their website and decided I’d do 3 meals per week for two people. Prices are as low as $8/pp! Clearly, I’m not on any restrictive diet, so I chose their Meat and Veggies Plan, but did see they have Calorie Smart and Vegetarian plans.

Once my box was delivered to my doorstep, I already felt like I was slowly getting back in control and into my routine. I threw out all the old party trays in my fridge and made space for the pre-bagged meals from HelloFresh.

I was shocked at how easy it was to cook the recipes! I first went with All-American Beef Rice Bowl with Salsa & BBQ Mayo and loved how everything was pre-portioned -- it made cooking easier and more convenient than it’s ever been! Prepping was beyond simple, I didn’t have leftover ingredients that would be left in my fridge, and I couldn’t believe I had cooked something so delicious.

Since I’m not known for my cooking skills, I love that I get to practice three times a week! Following the recipe cards is easy, and since I’m not worried about using the wrong number of ingredients, I feel like I’m really learning more and more about cooking every time, while also expanding my palate.

HelloFresh’s menu changes every week, so while my routine is getting more and more stable, my recipes are switching it up! Every week it’s like I get to travel the world recipe by recipe. I’ve tried meals like Miso-Ginger Chicken & Sesame Fries with Rainbow Salad and Mumbai Beef Meatball Curry with Garlic Rice & Yoghurt. I can’t wait to see what comes out next week.

I knew my eating habits weren’t great, but after using HelloFresh for a few weeks, I couldn’t believe I used to live like that! My routine was all over the place, and some days I would even skip meals. Now that I have HelloFresh, I am never going back.

HelloFresh was the ultimate key to finding my way back after the holidays. I’m getting back into regular eating habits, learning new ways to cook for myself with exciting ingredients and flavours, and finally finding the perfect routine that works for me.

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