How Feeding Your Dog The Right Food Can Add A Few More Years Onto Their Lives

How Feeding Your Dog The Right Food Can Add A Few More Years Onto Their Lives

So you've recently become a dog parent to a beautiful large-breed adult dog or puppy. Congratulations!!! Large dog breeds quickly become part of the family, and are so much fun to play with, take care of, and sometimes they even seem like they're the ones taking care of you. But do you know how to feed your large breed dog? Large dogs have different nutritional needs than smaller breeds, and improper nutrition can even shorten your dog's life. Studies have shown that a fresh food diet increases your pet's total life expectancy by 23%, that's 2 ½ extra years with your best friend! If you're thinking of buying kibble for your k-9 companion, think again. We've got you covered with the risks you need to know about when it comes to feeding your large breed pooch.

Ollie knows that no two dogs are the same, which is why they made a customized dog food plan, specifically tailored to your individual pup's needs. All of Ollie's food is human grade, with whole ingredients you recognize, and is delivered fresh to your door every week with a subscription that means you can say goodbye to last minute trips to the pet store. Their veterinary approved blends always take into account your dog's breed and weight, among other factors, so you know you're giving your pup the nutrients it needs.

Here's what you need to know about feeding your large breed dog, to give them a longer, healthier and happier life!

A fresh food, or human-grade, diet literally extends your pup's life.

New studies show that feeding your dog a fresh food diet adds at least 2 ½ years to your best friend's life, compared to processed, canned food, or kibble.That's nearly 18 human years! Better yet, you don't have to strictly stick to an all-fresh-food diet to get the benefits (though, Ollie makes it easy). Supplementing your dog's diet with fresh foods adds 1 year onto the life expectancy, meaning it's never too late to start seeing the difference human-grade food can make!

Look out for obesity and bloat, especially with processed food.

According to the American Kennel Association, large breed adult dogs require careful monitoring for signs of obesity and bloat. Because of their rapid growth from puppy to adult, they're more susceptible to weight problems. Feed-grade (that's the opposite classification from human-grade) includes lots of fats, grease, and other food waste from restaurants or stores, which encourage weight gain. On the other hand, antioxidants and foods that use fewer processed ingredients will help keep bloat and weight in check.

Overfeeding can have lethal effects for large dogs.

Overfeeding effects large dogs more than small dogs, even leading to gastric dilation-volvulus, a life-threatening condition where your puppy's stomach twists due to over-eating. A crucial part of feeding your large breed pup is making sure you're feeding him the right amount. Ollie sends special scoops with your delivery of human-grade food, along with instructions for your specific dog based on breed and weight, so you'll be in good hands.

Feed-grade food includes what now?!

Most generic large breed dog foods are not human grade, so they rely on feed-grade ingredients. Feed-grade ingredients are essentially waste products of the human food industry- things you legally can't feed humans. The bulk of these ingredients are rendered products, which include dead animals from farms, ranches, feedlots, marketing barns, and even animal shelters. Check the label on your dog's daily meals, and make sure to avoid anything with "meal" or "feed" listed on the ingredients, so you know what really goes into their dinner!

Our dog's are a part of our families, so give them the nutrition they deserve! Your pup is one of a kind, so don't feed him the same food as you would any other breed. Ollie always sends you human-grade, delicious meals full of protein, fruits, and vegetables full of nutrients your pup needs to stay healthy. Plus with their flexible subscription, your customized meals are sent to your door as frequently as you need, so you never have to worry about running out.

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