Check Out How Copper Cow Stacks Up Against The Competition

Check Out How Copper Cow Stacks Up Against The Competition

Do you love a good cup of joe?

It's okay, you're not alone... In fact, millions of people across the country wake up with the same cravings.

So the question isn't should you keep drinking coffee? But instead, what kind of coffee should you drink to enhance your morning ritual? Let's admit it, we've all been caught drinking not-so-great coffee, and it just doesn't do it for us.

Looking to see how we could improve our mornings, our team of food and beverage editors took to the internet to see what options were out there.

Two luxury coffee brands that caught our eyes were Copper Cow Coffee and Lavazza.

We compared the two and here’s who came out on top:

Key Similarities

  • Both offer at-home barista-quality coffee
  • Both Lavazza and Copper Cow offer subscriptions
  • Both work with sustainable farms and farmers
  • Copper Cow and Lavazza offer unique flavors

Key Differences

  • Copper Cow offers premium Vietnamese coffee
  • Lavazza offers Italian-style roasts
  • Lavazza offers whole and ground beans, as well as K-cup pods
  • Copper Cow aAlso has offers lattes, creamers, and teas
  • Copper Cow offers customized subscription plans


Lavazza is a premium coffee brand that promises that each cup of coffee is a unique experience along with a commitment to social responsibility. Their Italian-style roasts are available in whole bean, ground,k-pods, and even capsule coffee for Nespresso machines.

Lavazza’s coffee is smooth and distinctly Italian. We all agreed that Lavazza's coffee had a medium-strong intensity and a well-balanced flavor profile which we weren't expecting. But most of our editors wished the taste had more of a punch.

Lavazza has three different subscriptions: one for their My Way machines, another particularly for their My Way capsules, and the third for their ground or whole beans. Though there's a discount offer, Lavazza is an extravagance through and through. So don't expect to save much when going with this brand.

Copper Cow

Woman-owned and led, Copper Cow shares the vibrant heritage and cultures of Vietnam through its coffee. The company’s all about sustainability and has an active relationship with their farmers in Vietnam. Copper Cow puts their money where their mouth is and pays twice the market rate in order to ensure a higher quality of life for those harvesting their premium coffee beans.

We must say the flavors are out of this world. We love it because it tastes unlike anything we've ever tried before. Get this, it requires a tiny bit of effort to make, especially compared to Lavazza’s complicated coffee machine.

Waking up to Copper Cow is a warm and energizing experience that other coffee brands simply aren’t up to. From classic black to salted caramel and lavender, there's a flavor for everyone. We couldn’t get enough of these out-of-the-box flavors. We’re delighted that we all have something pleasantly surprising each day.

Copper Cow is priced at $2.50 per latte - $2 per latte with a subscription. And their packs start at $15 for 5 lattes. Though they have a subscription service, Copper Cow also has bundles and an a la carte menu where you can get individual coffees, creamers, and lattes. However, when you subscribe, you save around 20%. One sweet deal that our editors couldn't pass up. Even better, you can create a customized box featuring personalized favorites.

Bonus: You can take their packets on the go! No need to only have this amazing coffee at home.

Our Verdict

Both Lavazza and Copper Cow are undoubtedly the top contenders of at-home coffee - the stuff we used to drink can't hold a candle to either. However, Copper Cow offers a rich experience without breaking the bank.

Copper Cow is proof that premium coffee doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, and can be both sustainable and flavorful.

So, Wake up. Pour. Sip. Savor Copper Cow’s flavorful Vietnamese, pour-over coffee.

The team at Copper Cow Coffee is extending a special offer to our readers! Get 25% off of the first month of any subscription with coupon code COFFEEBOX25!

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