Here's The Scoop On The #1 Audio Fitness App

Here's The Scoop On The #1 Audio Fitness App

We all wish we had access to professional trainers to get us in tip-top shape, but it's often too expensive or time consuming. LuckilyAaptiv makes it all the more accessible. Aaptiv is an audio fitness app that offers thousands of guided workouts from certified trainers with tons of experience. The app can help you no matter the goal—whether you're trying to run a marathon, shed a few pounds, or just can't seem to find a trainer you vibe with. Aaptiv workouts can be done anywhere—the gym, home, or at your neighborhood park—and require no squinting at your phone screen for direction. It's like having a trainer in your ear during your entire workout, except you get to listen to fun music during it, too!

The program has helped countless people stick to their fitness goals and find what works best for them. Navigating Aaptiv's app is simple, yet it offers so many different options and features for finding what you like the most. Here's a sneak peek of how the app works. First, you can begin by browsing the list of available workouts. Here, every type of workout, trainer, and music preference is mixed together, so you can see all the variety Aaptiv has to offer. Each workout is categorized by type, what it entails, fitness level, and how long it is from start to finish.

Next, you can select a specific workout to learn more about it. Below, I chose "Got Your Back" and can read the description and see more details about it before starting. Here's where you can see details like estimated calories burned and peak incline, which are just a few things most other workout programs don't offer.

A guided workout is only as good as the trainer leading it. Aaptiv prioritizes this, and makes sure users can select workouts by one specific trainer and really get to know their teaching styles. You can click on any trainer in the app, pictured below, and see all workouts available by him or her, plus learn a bit more about them in their bio video.

Workouts are also broken down into categories—outdoor running, meditation, and strength training, for example. Users can click on any of these and find numerous options from different trainers.

And for those who can't workout without pumping the jams, Aaptiv also lets you search for workouts by music category. The "Get Inspired" section in Browse categorizes workouts based on genre, and there's definitely something for everyone—classical rock workouts, '90s hip hop, and lists of workouts by specific artists like David Guetta and Cardi B.

And if you're not quite ready to jump into your workout, Aaptiv lets you save it for later. When browsing through a specific workout, you can schedule it into your calendar so you really hold yourself accountable to not skip any upcoming sessions.

Speaking of timing, the app lets you view all your workouts (past and future) in an easy to follow calendar in your Profile. Here, you can see what you've done this week and what you have upcoming, plus how many days active you've been and how many workouts you've completed.

Lastly, the "Team" section of the app lets you interact with other Aaptiv users and share the successes of your workouts. Think of it like a Facebook or Twitter feed, only with a lot more fitness motivation. Here, you can share that you just completed a workout, offer comments about it, and post photos. The app also lets you congratulate others on what they've done and see which workouts work best for them as inspiration for yourself.

There are few workout programs that are as interactive, effective, and fun as Aaptiv.The app lets you have every aspect of fitness at your fingertips—music, trainers, social interaction, and more—without any added hassle. In just a few clicks and swipes, you can be on your way to crushing your fitness goals with nothing but your phone in hand.

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