Hot Flashes? Brain Fog? Fatigue? Meet Kindra

Hot Flashes? Brain Fog? Fatigue? Meet Kindra

Our essentials are constantly evolving as our needs change. When it comes to menopause and our bodies changing there’s only one go-to: Kindra. The brand created by women for women has changed the game when it comes to navigating menopause.

No two bodies experience menopause the same, with challenges ranging from mood swings and fatigue to brain fog and hot flashes. While it can be difficult to find the right remedy, our editors found a must-have from Kindra. Meet the Focus Supplement.

There are so many issues to tackle as your body goes through hormonal adjustments and not many proven solutions out there. We’re loving the Focus Supplement for its targeted support – this isn’t a vague supplement you add to your regimen and hope to feel a difference.

Here’s why we’re stocking up on Kindra’s Focus Supplement. It is:

  • Estrogen-free (0% estradiol or progesterone)
  • Vegan and certified cruelty-free
  • Gluten-free, non-GMO, and no added sugars or artificial ingredients

Unlike other menopause products, Kindra goes above and beyond to leave out harmful ingredients. However, the clinically tested ingredients they do use are what really powers this effective supplement and has us stocking up.

Kindra uses Green Tea Leaf Extract to target brain fog and 25mg of caffeine for an energy boost – just like one energizing cup of tea! Plus, they’ve upped the ante with a high dose of Pycnogenol, a super antioxidant that has shown a 28% improvement in memory and concentration in clinical studies.

Kindra says that you’ll start to see benefits after 4 weeks of continued use of the once-a-day supplement – with best results after 12 weeks! You can look forward to easing feelings of nervousness and anxiousness, along with an improvement in memory and concentration.

The Focus Supplement is great on its own and even better when used in conjunction with Kindra’s Core and Sleep Supplements. Together, they work to support glucose levels, boost hydration, reduce muscle aches, and provide your mind some extra TLC.

You can start with the Focus for only $29 and build out your powerhouse regimen. Not to mention, when you go with Kindra, you not only gain tried and true menopause support but an amazing community filled with women to support you on your journey. Check out their blogs Couch Conversations and Kindra Journal or join their Facebook group @OurKindra for helpful tips and information!

Your body is changing – your essentials should change with it. Try Kindra and their line of estrogen-free care products to get you over these menopause hurdles.

Kindra is offering an exclusive discount just for our readers! Use code WELLNESS10 to get 10% off any order now!

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